Men in are always an interesting sight. But because it isn’t a very common thing to see men in a waistcoat or vest (at least not anymore nowadays), not everyone who wears a knows how to dress right. This is very unfortunate for them because when men wear a , women will immediately be attracted to them. But if they don’t know what to wear the with, they end up with disappointed dates.

Tips to look Great in a Waistcoat

Here are some tips that you can follow when wearing a waistcoat with your rental tuxedo :

Waistcoat1. When to Wear a Vest

It is very disappointing to see men wearing a waistcoat with just about any tuxedo . Unfortunately, the right way to wear a waistcoat is when you’re wearing it with a single-breasted tux. This is mainly to conceal the visible white fabric between your waistband and jacket button.

2. Choose the Ri