Under the gown, the ins and outs of tuxedos or Suit rentals Phoenix

Nothing says tradition and elegance like the Suit or Tuxedo

Graduation day is a big deal. Not only does it mark the end of a school year but it also celebrates all your accomplishments. Students and families alike spend months, weeks and even days picking out the perfect outfit to wear. More often than not gentlemen of all ages will want to dress to impress. After all, they are completing a momentous, life-changing moment in their lives.

How about renting Suits for your Wedding? Or maybe the Grooms dad or Bride wants to dress different from the wedding Party? They are allowed to be different and renting a suit is just one more option.
First things first, decide what type of tuxedo or suit you want to wear. Between choosing between bowties versus long ties, vest or no vest, the options can be intimidating. Will you rent or own? Will you wear a used or new tuxedo?

Suit rentals are easier on the wallet yet buying a suit allows you to keep it and wear it over and over again. This could be the best option if you go to formal parties often. However, most tend to just wear them once in a blue moon so renting is favored over buying. And if you size changes the Suit you purchased may not fit anymore. Find the right shop that suits your desired look and needs. For example, Rose Tuxedo Phoenix/Mesa makes it easy to find and choose which tuxedo will best suit you. They not only give students big discounts, they also rent out suites and always have a tailor there for the perfect fit on these special occasions. Customer satisfaction and style is their top priority.

Here is just a short guide on the how-to’s of wearing a tuxedo:

1. Pick the right jacket and pants.
You can’t go wrong choosing the original tuxedo in midnight blue or black. Don’t cuff the trousers, though.

2. Select a mellow yet dressy shirt. Go with a pleated shirt for a traditional look and a non-pleated shirt for a modern look.

3. Wear comfortable plain and round-toed leather dress shoes.

4. Make sure your tie is even and well fitting. Bowtie or long tie, an uneven or a too tight/too loose tie can make the whole look drabby.

5. Add a little flair of your own, like a fedora or a vest.

This special occasion encourages the entire family to join in the ceremonial formal wear. As if anyone needed a reason to dress up.

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