Holiday Parties, New Years Eve events and Home-Comings

 Home-coming has been a tradition since the year 1911 when the rivalry between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Missouri Tigers was first decided on an actual college campus rather than on neutral ground. Ever since then the tradition has caught on, and now home-coming is a major part of most high schools and colleges. There’s the game, but more importantly the parties that come afterward. If someone’s going to be attending the dance then it’s a good idea to have any and all suit rentals taken care of long before the DJ starts the music and the dance floor gets filled.

Why Rent a Suit? Whether it’s the big dance after a football game or one of the many holiday parties or a New Years Eve Tuxedo party that one has to go to it’s always a good idea to know where to rent a suit. Or, if suit rentals just isn’t classy enough for the event then it’s a good idea to check out the tuxedo shop instead. While a tuxedo’s cost is usually prohibitive (particularly for younger people who can’t afford an expensive, tailored tuxedo), renting one for an evening it typically less than a triple digit endeavor. If one was going to actually buy one of these suits it could cost hundreds of dollars up front, and then even more for the tailoring to make it specifically fit the owner. In addition to the lower cost of renting in the short term, there are other benefits to a rental tuxedo’s short term use. For instance, even if someone attends certain holiday parties every year, that individual is going to change in size. The costs of tailoring, as well as general wear and tear can make owning a tuxedo (or even a good suit) a lot higher than the occasional rental fees could ever be. Not only that, if someone chooses to go down to the tuxedo shop and pick a new rental every time it’s possible to get different colors, styles, etc. This ensures a better fit, a hipper look, and a lower cost overall than owning one of these suits. Rent Early, Rent Often! While renting is obviously a lot more cost-effective than owning a fine suit, it’s particularly important to have one rented before the rush. When a lot of people are going to a formal dance, or it’s getting close to the holidays, there may be fewer rentals available than one would like. At Rose Tuxedo we give discounts to all Home-coming students and any Holiday party rental because we understand events can be expensive and no tuxedo or suit rush fee. Same day tuxedo rental or suit rental is our specialty with 3 locations open almost 7 days a week during the year. Mesa Tux Shop and two Phoenix Tuxedo rental locations, we have tuxedo rentals and suit rentals 5 minutes from the Sky Harbor Airport and every major resort and hotel in the surrounding Phoenix area.

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