How to Accessorize your Tuxedo and turn heads everywhere you go

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When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, men need to look dashing and smooth so that they can attract the opposite sex. No matter what event you are wearing a tuxedo to it is really a good idea to look your best. Through the use of accessories, you can boost your appeal in no time.

“It is always a good idea to look your best!”


But how do you accessorize a tuxedo?

When do you know too much is too much? Compared to women, men cannot just choose any type of accessory and add it to their tuxedo. Instead of this, they need to carefully assess whether the accessories they are using is a good idea for the tuxedo they chose to wear.

Here are some important things you need to know when deciding which accessories to use with your tuxedo:

First things first: What does your invitation say?

One of the most important things you have to remember about wearing a tuxedo is that they are not always the same. Small things like ‘White Tie’ or ‘Creative Black Tie ’ actually mean something when dressing with a tuxedo. In the very simplest form of the word, you have to follow what is written on the invite. So if you received an invitation for a ‘White Tie’ event, this plainly means you have to wear a white tie.

Should you use a bow or a tie?

After you have determined what type of event you have been invited to, your next pick will be between a bow and a tie. For formal events, the usual pick is a bow tie; just make sure that you don’t use the clip-on. Meanwhile, if you decide to use a tie, it’s best that you use a plain, black silk tie with your tuxedo. Don’t go for the striped or patterned ties, as they are usually associated with work.

Appropriate jewelry pieces for men

The best and most appropriate jewelry you can use with a tuxedo is a classic style watch. Make sure that you avoid using the rubber and digital watch you use when you’re at doing some sports. Instead, opt for a slick watch with a black leather band. This will complete the look of your tuxedo for any occasion!

Compared to women, men do not need to wear too much accessory with a tuxedo. The simple it is, the better the appeal. As long as you wear a smooth, wrinkle-free tuxedo and brush your hair, you can already make the ladies swoon!

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