Renting a or Suit will usually impress anyone (especially the ladies) but sometimes it’s hard to gauge when to dress in a full tux, a business suit, or casual clothes. Today we’ll give you some guidelines so you’ll know when you need to come to Rose for your rental needs. Dress codes can get confusing, we’re here to help.

Full Formal: Usually means guest need to rent attire for the event.

Semi-Formal: People confuse this and formal all the time, also usually requires guests to rent attire.

Business Dress: Matched suits ! Some rentals may be required.

Business Casual: Fewer people will need to rent, but not everyone owns the pieces.

Casual: Everyone’s favorite.

“Optional” attached to type: This gets confusing.

When in doubt, (no listed, or confused about phrasing) ask around. Ask the host, ask other guests, take into consideration the date, time, season, and importance of the event. Chances are, a birthday party will be, at max, business dress while a wedding is likely to require, at minimum, business dress (depending on your relation to the bridal party). Rose Tuxedo has all your suit and tux needs, so give us a call.

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