How to Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Interview

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Making a good first impression with your suit is key for the job . Dressing brightly and professionally with your suit will help you stand out from other job applicants, and you may just get the job.

You have a job next week, and you’re confused about which suit would be perfect for the . It is common knowledge to dress professionally for an , but many companies require a suit. There are different types of suits with different colors and styles, so choosing the perfect suit for your interview would be daunting.

There’s no point panicking. We have provided guidelines to help you choose the perfect suit for your job interview.

Let’s get started!

Pro Tips

  1. Do your laundry days before your interview. A hiring manager would spot a stain from a distance. Make sure your suit is spotless.
  2. Avoid choosing your suit on the day of the interview: It would be too stressful, and you may not be able to decide on the perfect suit and end up looking like a clown.
  3. Don’t use too much jewelry: Too much jewelry will be a distraction and a sign that you are unprepared for the interview.
  4. Remember, being overdressed can be as bad as being underdressed.

Understanding Dress Code

Before choosing a suit for an interview coming soon, be sure you understand the dress code. This will help you choose the perfect suit for your interview session.

Why does the dress code exist? Dress codes exist to make your life easier and to save you the embarrassment of appearing overdressed or underdressed for a job interview, a wedding, or any other event. Once you understand the dress code in detail, it becomes easy for you to select a suit for a job interview.

Suits and Tuxedos for different occasions

The suit you wear when going to a wedding ceremony is different from the suit you wear for a business meeting. You shouldn’t wear a suit for a wedding ceremony or any other event for a job interview. You can wear your suit for a wedding as a guest. But not if you are the groom, since you’ll need to wear a wedding suit.

You can wear a suit for a formal event. It may be a black-tie or white-tie event. Most of these events are usually in the evenings. You can wear a suit for a wedding or a casual event. You can wear a suit for a job interview, your suit should be formal and stainless.

Dressing Mistakes to Avoid When Dressing for an Interview

  1. Don’t wear a suit with bold colors, stripes, plaids, or large prints. Rather, wear a suit with a solid color like gray.
  2. Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit your body size and shape. Don’t wear anything too large or small.
  3. Wear dress boots, deck shoes, scandals, or athletic boots. Use leather shoes with lace instead.
  4. Wear a collarless shirt, rolled-up sleeves, or a wrinkled shirt. Rather, Wear a well-pressed shirt with a collar that fits your neck perfectly.
  5. Wearing a tie with a religious or political symbol or a flashy tie.
  6. Wear a hat or sunglasses with your suit.
  7. Avoid over flashy accessories like cufflinks and washed.
  8. Having a clean suit is ultimate. But beyond that, make sure you look clean. Trim your nails, tidy your hair, and keep your good hygiene.

Choosing the Right Fit

You should determine your body shape and size before choosing a suit for your interview. Wearing a well-fit suit is important to create an atmosphere for you. It also makes you look charismatic. There are three types of body shapes:

1. The mesomorph

It is an ideal masculine shape, a man characterized by a height greater than 185 cm and a solid athletic build-up. If you have this body shape, consider using a slim-fit style and avoid baggy pants to accentuate your physique.

2. The ectomorph

A person with this body type is usually tall and thin. To avoid appearing malnourished or overly thin, create a definition and add volume to the silhouette. For this body type, wear a long, slim-fitted shirt that is tucked into your pants to add extra volume.

3. The endomorph

People with this body type are short, have a rounded shape, and tend to carry excess weight. For a person with this body type, balance your shape. Wear streamlined styles and choose darker colors to help you disguise your curves.

Classic Colors for a Formal Interview

Since you are going for a job interview, choose from the list of colors to make yourself look competent and elegant. The kind of job you are going for will determine the color of the suit you will choose.


If you want a sophisticated, exclusive look, then go for a black suit. It shows power and represents leadership, but black color is not a color suitable for someone interviewing for an entry-level position in a company; it is for high-powered positions like managerial positions.


To show confidence and that you are trustworthy, blue will do the trick. It also shows that you are independent, logical, and analytical.


It is a safe color that shows you are highly organized.


It shows you are dependable. Be careful to use this color, because it also shows that you are a little old-fashioned.

Choose a color that matches your skin tone

Choosing a color for your suit that matches your skin will make you look smart, organized, and worthy of the position you applied for. For skins with a cool undertone; blue, blown will be perfect for you. For a warm undertone, will recommend a lighter color. Since you are going for an interview, gray would be a safe choice, whether you have a dark or warm undertone. The lighter your skin, the darker your gray should be.

Accessorizing Your Suits and Tuxedos

Dressing well for an interview is essential, but your accessories matter and say a lot about your personality. You can add accessories to your suit to make you look classy for your job interview. When choosing the accessories to use for an interview, follow the classic rule: which says less is more. Wear a wristwatch on your left hand. Keep your perfume to a minimum level. Keep a simple haircut that looks professional.

Select the right shoes and socks

Don’t use casual shoes like sneakers or flip-flops for an interview session. Avoid over-high heels and overly flat shoes. Use a closed-toe pump color with a slip-on lace shoe. Your sock color should match either your bowtie or long sleeve.

Acing Your interview with Your Suit

Go for a gray suit made with darker worsted wool fabric, a single-breasted jacket, a plain white shirt with a point collar, and a bow tie. Use a plain black leather belt with a sock that matches the color of your bowtie and well-shined black oxford balmoral shoes.

A well-fitted suit will make you look smart and reliable. If you don’t have enough money to get a well-tailored suit that fits your body type perfectly, then rent a suit to ensure you look smart and get the job after your interview.

Your Interview suit is Ready

Are you ready to choose the perfect suit for your interview? Do you want to create a lasting impression at your interview? Then get a suit from the experts.

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