Prom Vest and Ties is one of the most important part of a Prom Students tuxedo search. Once you get a date for the Prom the next thing you worry about is matching your dates dress. At Rose Tuxedo we know this so we have purchased more Men’s formal Wear Vest and Ties and bow ties than any other tuxedo shop in the State. Why? Because if we can match your Prom Girls Dress we know we have a Designer Tuxedo rental waiting in your size and style at the Best Tuxedo rental Prices.

Our Tuxedo rental prices range from $79.95 to $150 but most students rentals for Prom 2016 will be around $100 complete, and that’s with a Tuxedo vest and tie that will match your Prom dates dress. And if you don’t know her dress color we have a 1000 Men’s formal Wear Vest in Black and Silver that will go with any Color Dress. Bow ties with Tuxedos is very popular these days but we carry both the Neck tie and Bow Tie to match the Vest.

We carry a lot more men’s formal wear vest than we show on this page so stop in one of our Rose Tuxedo shops and have a look at our huge tuxedo vest collection. Have a safe prom and remember you will look awesome no matter what you choose. Arizona’s largest selection of in stock vest that you can see the color and touch the material and they are not from a catalog. (no shipping required) shop local Pro Vest and ties and save big. Rose

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