A Quinceanera During the Holiday Months is a Special Time for young Latinas

Mexican females have been celebrating their Quinceanera for a very long time. Many Mexican historians claim that this tradition started thousands of years of ago with the Aztecs. Latino People today, claim that it has been something they naturally did for the young women in their communities.

No matter how this tradition has started, it remains a strong part of Latino culture in modern times. The tradition remains and is now a time honored celebration for people all throughout the Latino world. This presentation of the Quinceanera Here is a more in-depth description of the Quinceanera and its importance for you Mexican females who are about to become women. Oh, by the way, the Quinceanera can also be referred to as the Quince Anos which is the Spanish phrase for “15 years”.

Party Tuxedos for Quince

Holiday party tuxedos

When a young Mexican female turns 15-years-old a great celebration is given. This celebration is important because it a moment when a young lady is now ready to be an adult. This is a rights of passage ceremony for young ladies who have been taught some basic fundamentals about their responsibility and gender roles as females. When they turn 15, all of those lessons are now supposed to be known and put into practice.

quince tux

quince tux

This special day is considered a formal one. During the daytime, young ladies attend mass. They will have to dress up for the event and look their best. They select a special traditional dress and they adorn this style so they can look their best. Young men are not necessarily honored on this holiday. However, they do play a role for the female (or group of girls) who has turned 15. There is a man of honor and this guy’s job is to dance with the lady in honor. A girl’s father (or chosen older male) will also play a special role during the ceremony. All men in attendance will don special clothing.

Quince during the holidays

Many young men dress up in formal wear such as tuxedos . People that are having a Quinceanera celebration in Arizona can rent formal wear such as tuxedos or even