Bigger Is Not Always Better

Rose Tuxedo vs MW
Rose Tuxedo vs MW
Small shop, tuxedo operator of the year 2013
Small shop, tuxedo operator of the year 2013

When it comes to shopping for the things you need, many people have little or no allegiance as to where they make those purchases. Two specific designs are used as guidelines for the shopping experience, price and availability. For some customers, the final decision will end up at a larger outlet where the company may have a little more buying power and can usually meet a smaller pricing obligation. As factual as this may be, it is not necessarily the smarter choice for shoppers, especially since following this path can have long-term effects on a few of the mom and pop operations.

A Part Of The Experience

The drive-through mentality may work in the area of food establishments, but when it comes to shopping, customers seem to appreciate the personal touch that they receive from a smaller operation. At Rose Tuxedo, the one on one touch is not lost to our customers, in fact; this is one of the areas that we shine the best. Our clients are not just people who need a place to acquire a tuxedo; they are friends who are looking for assistance in the proper attire for their event. With upwards of 30 years in experience in covering that need, the results speak for themselves.

The Best Value

One of the main reasons for the success of bigger operations is their buying power and in order to reach that goal they must buy in larger quantities. That decision has proven to be a flaw time and again as poor-quality materials slip through the cracks. With a smaller more dedicated eye to detail, the risk of providing customers with substandard products and lowering their expectations is almost non existent. The last thing that a customer should have to deal with is an excuse that results from too many people contributing to lower efficiency.

Alive And Well

Most customers like the idea of having a choice when they go shopping. These choices can be advantageous at the supermarket shelves. When bigger operations swoop in and make loud noises, which inadvertently push mom and pop operations out of business, that competition is slowly removed. The value of our selections and the high-ranking service that we provide our guests with at Rose Tuxedo is one way to conquer such an outcome. As one of the more experienced Tuxedo rental companies in Arizona, we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our valuable customers and in so doing, we continue to show them that bigger is not always better.

The thumbnail picture above is A Better Deal Tuxedo in La Jolla, CA. One small shop on the edge of the Pacific ocean. Shop local and you will be happy.

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