Men’s Fashion Spring and Summer 2015! What to Expect

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Spring is right around the corner so when you’re cleaning out your closet of old clothes and moving your winter gear into storage or the back of your closet, consider the upcoming trends for this spring and summer! With our help you’ll be looking fantastic for all events—especially those special events when you need a suit and tie!

Last year saw some bold changes in fashion, such as suits with trainers and bright colors so we’re all excited to see what this year brings us in the fashion world! Here’s what some fashion forward sites have to say.

  1. Stripes: Bold stripes on shirts or pants looks like it’s going to be a thing this year, so when choosing a suit for these warmer months, maybe consider a striped shirt or tie, or a pinstripe jacket or trousers. In daily life, opt for some horizontal striped shirts or sweaters to accentuate your shoulders and don’t be afraid of striped shorts (just don’t try to throw on a striped shirt on top of those shorts).
  2. Denim: Denim jeans never go out of style, but it looks like denim is making an impact this year! Throw on a denim jacket to go with your classic jeans. Try out different weights, colors, fades, and washes of denim! Try a denim shirt with jeans or get brave and try a new pair of denim shorts!
  3. Red: Who doesn’t look great in red? Everyone can pull off red, and this year it’s going to be huge. Try out different shades from a washed out red to a deep burgundy! No need to double up on red, though. It’s a strong color and should be your statement piece. Try a red tie or shirt to go with your classic black or gray suit. For more casual looks, throw in of red clothing to stand out from the crowd: get brave and try red pants, shoes, or shorts, or make it simple and opt for a shirt, jacket, or pocket square.
  4. Green and Blue: Apparently, pairing blue with green has been shunned in the fashion world—like wearing white after Labor Day or mixing patterns. But this year is going to change that, thankfully. Keep it simple with blue jeans and a green shirt or jacket, or get braver and try green denim with a blue sports coat! Pair blue outfits with green accessories or vice versa! Limit the other colors involved, or keep them simpler colors and patterns.
  5. Floral Print: You can pull out that Hawaiian shirt again—maybe. Bring out your beach bod and throw on a patterned shirt this spring! Large or small, bright or muted, floral is looking good on a lot of guys!
  6. Bermuda shorts: Shorts are usually in during the warmer months, but this year it’s all about the Bermuda shorts.
  7. Sandals: Some higher end designers are bringing back men’s sandals! Men, rejoice!
  8. Suits : Suits are always in style! Make sure it fits and remember that Rose offers rentals as well as men’s warehouse quality suits and suit pieces you can purchase! When in doubt, wear a suit and you’ll amazing on dates, interviews, family gatherings, and more! Bonus points for adding in other trends like red, stripes, or floral prints! Keep it updated with changing out your shirts, ties, and pocket squares but keeping a few well fitting suit staples in your wardrobe.
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