Premium shirts are available at an additional charge with all tuxedos. Basic silver-trimmed jewelry is included with all shirts. Deluxe gold-trimmed jewelry available at an additional charge with all tuxedos by specifying “BG” (See Finishing Touches page for jewelry details). We carry all the latest formal wear style shirts; wing collar, laydown collar and band collar,  in white, black and ivory. Color tuxedo shirts can be ordered for your party and you buy them at $15.00 and keep them. Not every color is available.

Come into your nearest location to discuss your color and style options or order online here

The wing collar is a collar on the shirt men wear under tuxedos. It is a short shirt collar starched to stand up straight with no turn down. Two small, pressed points commonly protrude horizontally at the front of the collar below the chin. They resemble wings and typically are tucked behind the bow tie.

There are several other types of collars that resemble wing collars. The wing collar originated sometime early in the 20th century and was typically worn exclusively for formal occasions. Wing collars are still worn by men today, mostly at either white- or black-tie events.

The wing collar may be a distant relative of the Gladstone collar made popular by British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone. It may also be similar to a Piccadilly collar, though the Piccadilly was commonly made of plastic instead of starched cotton. A butterfly collar typically resembles a wing collar, except its tips are rounded instead of pointed.

The Windsor collar worn during the 1930s also looked something like a wing collar, except the space between the points was wide enough to accommodate a Windsor knot. The notched collar is wing-shaped, although it typically has a triangular notch in it. Notched collars are common in modern blazers and business suits.

Pick the right tuxedo shirt. There are three main styles: the laydown collar, the wingtip collar and the band (or Mandarin) collar. The laydown collar looks like a standard formal shirt collar. The wingtip collar is a band with two small wings on both sides of the top button. The band collar is just a band with no wings. Pick a collar style that suits your taste. They all work exactly the same with a bow tie.
Notice the front of the tuxedo shirt. There are ruffles down the front of the shirt and there are four missing buttons. This is what makes a tuxedo shirt unique. Most tuxedo shirts also have French cuffs. This requires the use of cuff links to secure the sleeves.

Put on the tuxedo shirt and put on the cuff links first. This will keep the sleeves from flapping around while you put on the rest of the jewelry. Work the cuff links into the cuff holes from the outside inward. If you have trouble doing this, ask someone to help.

Hi, my name is Rose, and I’m going to help guide you through the process of choosing the right shirt (by the way, there really is no right or wrong if it’s what you want) for your special event…. In the 30 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen styles, trends come and go but one thing I’ve tried to keep correct (? remember it’s your choice), is to recommend Ivory or off white shirts when the Bride has an offwhite or ivory gown…

Then the manufacturer’s created “Diamond White”, a color very close to white, but not “pure white” and it “swings both ways” so they say…still if the your bride wears a true ivory gown, you should not wear a pure white shirt standing beside her…we never take away from our bride. Then again, it’s your choice, just saying….

As for collar, pleated, not pleated, let’s just say, non-pleat microfiber dress shirts (those with the laydown collars), have pretty much taken over as the shirt of choice.  Mostly because of the new Grey suit looks that weddings are choosing as an alternative to wearing the traditional black tuxedos.  Those shirts are also available in ivory, but I would not recommend the wing collar with those suit looks…it’s just not “kosher” as they say.  As for the tuxedo wing collar….

Wing collar shirts are making a big come back with the return to bow ties, rather than the long (windsor) ties that have been so popular tucked into the matching vests of the past years.  Remember you can always were the bow tie with a lay down collar shirt as well, it’s just a bit trendier, younger look with a wing collar, and especially the pleated traditional shirt which goes back a long way…it’s what we call, “the really formal look of pleat”, rather than a dress shirt, which by the way, isn’t much different than the shirt you may wear to work, that is, if you work in an office.

So, how to choose…..  How formal is your event?  Very formal, then I say pleated, any collar you choose, okay.  Wearing a suit look.. Then I say no pleat, laydown collar, any color, white, ivory etc. as long as it coordinates.

Now…we get to microfiber, the new shirt fabric in town…remember it’s soft, luxurious, but it doesn’t “breathe” like cotton or cotton blends.  You will be hotter in a microfiber shirt than a shirt with some cotton in it, keep that in mind depending on where you live and your weather.

Fitted or not fitted is the question of the day???  As a tailor, I can truly tell you the only way to get a “truly fitted shirt” is to buy one and have it tapered to your particular body, that is taken in on the sides.  It is virtually impossible, to rent tapered shirts for each body style out there.  Suppose someone is larger in the belly area, a tapered shirt may not even button.  You need to consider this if you are planning a wedding.  One person renting a tuxedo is no problem, the fitter will know whether or not a fitted shirt is the correct one for them.  Manufacturers are not truly tapering fitted shirts..they are just a bit smaller in the waistline…fitted very per person and body style.

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