Excuses to Wear a Suit This May

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Who doesn’t want to duplicate this photo?

Ok, everyone. It’s May. Stop with the Justin Timberlake “It’s Gonna Be May” jokes because May is here! We’re in the later part of Spring so let’s get those bodies looking great in a suit. If you’ve recently purchased a suit from us of you want to see how you look in a suit it’s the perfect time to take those out for a spin and show the world what you’ve got!

The new Star Wars movie is coming out this year so you may want to celebrate “Star Wars Day” with a screening party of all the older movies to catch up before the December release of the new one. “May the 4th be with you” is a great play on words and an excuse to show your inner sci-fi nerd. Throw a party and pop on a suit with a Star Wars themed tie or accessory and be the host with the most. Bonus points for carrying the party on to “Revenge of the Fifth.”

Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday! There should still be some time to get a suit renal or purchase to throw a classy soiree for this awesome holiday instead of just throwing on a sombrero and breaking out the tequila. Put on a suit and greet your friends and family. When the older crowd leaves you can remove the suit and throw on those cutoff shorts and bring out the Corona! Class it up for a bit, at least. Do something different!

Mother’s Day is next Sunday! As we’ve discussed recently you could really impress your mom this Mother’s Day by looking amazing and taking her out to dinner or having some new pictures taken! There’s still plenty of time to rent or purchase a suit to make Momma proud!

There’s a few military and memorial based holidays this month: VE Day (Victory in Europe) on the 8th, Armed Forces Day on the 16th, and Memorial Day on the 25th. So throw an awesome party to celebrate those who have fought for this country. Take a veteran out to a nice dinner, invite friends and family by to share stories, eat some good food, and enjoy the day. Dress up a little to show some respect, check out the local memorials around town and thank a veteran for their services—they’ll appreciate it. Once you’re done being respectful you can pull out the grill and cook some burgers and steaks in whatever you please—but a suit wouldn’t hurt if you take this opportunity to check out a nice restaurant or memorial service.

Whether you’re Canadian or not you can also celebrate Victoria Day to honor Queen Victoria. Throw on a suit and bring over some friends to watch some old documentaries and talk like royalty for the evening. It’ll be fun!

May is also a great time for Proms, Weddings, and other fancy events, so don’t forget to rent your and tuxedos from Rose Tuxedo , even if it’s short notice we should be able to help you!

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