10 Reasons to Wear a Suit to Your Class Reunion

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We’re already into March of 2015, so to all of you who graduated in 2005, your 10 year is coming up! Class of 2000 may be having a 15 year reunion. No matter how many years you’ve been out of high school, a is a big deal! It’s time to show your friends and enemies from school how amazing you’re doing. Whether you’re married or single, look your best to turn some heads and make some ladies jealous! Schedule a fitting today to get the suit of your choice before that reunion!

  1. Look like a million bucks! Regardless of your current job, make everyone think you’re a fancy car salesman, hotel manager, CEO, or whatever your heart desires. Chances are they won’t ask too many questions and after tonight they won’t think much of it. Or, you can look like you’re slightly more important at your real job—that would be much easier to get away with.
  2. Impress the Prom Queen: If you weren’t a member of the football team and you never dated the popular girls, make them regret never giving you a chance. Men look amazing in suits , so a rental from Rose Tuxedo could make the senior Prom Queen regret not taking a second look at you in high school.
  3. Impress your date: If your date (wife, girlfriend, etc) didn’t go to your school, now’s the time to show her who you were in high school (or who you wished you were). Exude an air of confidence when you’re dressed your best traipsing down the halls of your high school.
  4. Prove how successful you actually are: If you’re making the big bucks and you want everyone to know it, what better way than a suit? Rent one if your awesome job doesn’t require you to own suits , or rent something for this special night.
  5. Relive memories: Rent a tuxedo of similar style and color that you wore to your Senior Prom. You may be a little overdressed and potentially slightly outdated, but you’ll turn some heads and bring up memories.
  6. Bring home a date: Impress the girl you never had the guts to ask out, or reunite with an old fling. Looking your best means you might be able to snag any girl there! If you attend the reunion with a date, however, do not take a different girl home.
  7. Fake a business meeting: No matter your career path, you can convince everyone you’re important by implying you’ve just landed from a business trip out of the state or country. Even if you’re a paper pusher, this shows you’re valued to the company and you’re interesting.
  8. Have an excuse to leave early: Much like number 7, tell people you have a last-minute important business issue to attend to. This works great if the awkward girl you’ve known since Pre-K starts hitting on you again. You know the one ’m talking about.
  9. Feel good about yourself: If you don’t have excuses to dress up, now’s your chance. Don’t feel like you need to look good for other people, look good for you. Walk with confidence through your old gymnasium.
  10. Make your woman happy: Regardless of if she attended the school, she’s got people to impress, too. Be her arm candy for the night. This works great if you’re going to her as well. All ladies love a piece of arm candy.
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