Rose Tuxedo is one of the most versatile suit and tuxedo rental companies available. Our company provides tux rental for dozens of occasions, and we have specialists trained in the craft of alterations and custom tailoring. One of the specialty markets that we service is the tourist trade. We provide tux rental for people who are going on cruises. There are several nights on cruises that patrons will be invited to dinner with the Captain. Dinner with the Captain is a special event that demands formal attire, especially men’s formal wear. Because men’s formal wear almost always need alterations, using our service before the trip will make last minute problems with clothing a non-issue.

There are rental services that are located on most ships, but they have to be rented nightly and at a highly inflated price. Our rentals are priced economically; therefore, they can be worn multiple times during the trip for one low price. Currently, our prices are approximately half the price of a ship rental when the multiple uses are considered. Part of our thoughtful service includes providing two shirts per rental. This allows a freshly laundered, professionally pressed shirt to be available at all times because the captain’s dinners are normally held twice during the trip. Not only are our prices drastically lower than ship rentals, but the traveler will be able to try on and have alterations performed on their suit days before the trip. The suit will fit properly unlike the rushed, expensive offerings of overwhelmed ship rental companies.

In the shop, customers receive calls for final fittings approximately 3 days before the trip. When special arrangements are necessary, all that is needed is a call before the final pick-up, and Rose Tuxedo will do everything to provide the rental before the leave date. This is a custom service with offices and affiliates in multiple locations across the country and in our home area of the Arizona valley. We have been serving our surrounding communities with quality products and services for more than 3 decades. Call us before the next cruise, and let us care for your formal wear needs. Tuxedos for cruise.

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