Women and Suits: A New Trend?

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Easy look to pull off ladies!
Easy look to pull off ladies!

We’ve all seen women wear a suit or tuxedo to an event, but is it starting to become a trend? It just might! So, ladies,  it’s time to talk about you and your fashion options, so let’s start talking about why you may want to wear a suit to a fancy party or even your own wedding.

Ignore Gender Rules: Fight the man, fight the patriarchy, and fight gender norms. Why not try a suit? Women have been wearing men’s jackets, pants, pajamas, shoes, shirts, and sweaters for years. Sometimes men’s cut clothing is just so comfortable, but usually it’s something a girl has stolen from her boyfriend, right? But what’s stopping you from trying some other men’s fashionable attire to see how it feels? Give it a shot, if nothing else, it will get some attention and turn heads!

  1. Comfort: High heeled shoes, dresses we have to pull up and pull down all night, uncomfortable underwear or bras, and sometimes complicated lacing or corseted options can make your head spin. While we offer many options as far as color, cut, style, and accessories, sometimes men do have it easier as far as formal wear.
  2. Uniqueness: Don’t worry about if someone will show up to the wedding or party with the same dress as you are because no girl will have the same suit as you– because they aren’t unique enough to give that a shot.
  3. Flattering: As people like Ellen DeGeneres has proven time and time again, (or at least suit vests, slacks, or jackets) can look AMAZING on the female form. It may not be form fitting, but it can flatter parts of your body you didn’t realized you liked.
    It goes with everything: You won’t have to worry as much about matching your shoes to your purse or your accessories to your dress, because a simple suit will match nearly any earrings, bracelets, or clutch,
  4. A flattering fit for all ladies!
    A flattering fit for all ladies!

    POCKETS: Most formal wear for women lack something women want– storage. You can find some dresses with pockets, but a good suit will have pockets for days. Front, back, and jacket pockets mean it’s great for makeup, wallet, keys, phone, and maybe even a hidden surprise for later.

  5. Functional: Along with having storage and the lack of need to constantly adjust, you can move freely without worrying about flashing and you can dance the night away without being restricted by a tight dress.

are a great option for any woman for nearly any formal occasion. Plus, if you will be working a charity event or other formal gathering, wearing a suit or other men’s wear instead of women’s may make you more comfortable for working, be it waiting tables, serving drinks, ushering guests to their seats, or more. Look great and fit in for working situations, but stand out because you will still look amazing.

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