2015 Men’s Fashion Trends: Fall to Winter

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IMG_20150422_175253We’re half way through September, which means Fall is going to be here before you know it! Act now and start shopping for that Autumn wardrobe of your dreams! Today we’ll talk about some of the fashion trends expected to hit the streets this Fall, and how you can incorporate that into your existing wardrobe and how to spice up that wedding look.

  • Color: Burgandy is coming back. Think of dark wine, red leather, and cigars. Keep it a little lighter and brighter red for Fall, but bring it to a warmer, darker tone for winter. Try a red-purple or burgundy suit, tie, shirt, or jacket for your formal events or evening wear. As with most Fall and Winter looks, brown is back, so go wild with different shades of brown for an entire ensemble.
  • Length: This year, fashion is taking some risks and going back to some older styles. Long coats are in. Peacoats were very popular among men and women a few winters ago, and they’re back! Pull that out of your closet and bring it back into your rotation. The more buttons, the better! Stay warm and look amazing. Try out a long scarf as well, with or without your long coat. It’ll come in handy if you get a little chilly or want to make a dramatic exit.
  • Texture: It’s looking like fur is going to be in this year! Stay warm with a long fur (or faux fur) coat, or bring out your leather or sued jackets for a little texture and a hint of hide. Keep the colors underneath a little basic so as to not draw attention away from your statement piece of a jacket. Leather pants are also coming back—choose this at your own risk. For a little more texture fun, try out some velvet, and bring back this retro feel.
  • Retro: The 70’s are back—sort of. The 70’s brought us great rock music and a rebel sense of style. Try out some slightly flared pants or shirts with a bold print. Bring out the leather jackets, Beatles-esque , or just rock out with a bold jacket and big belt.
  • Loosen Up: Looser trouser pants may be coming back a little bit at the end of this year. The thinner, skinny leg style has been huge this Spring and Summer, but relax a little and go for that pair of slacks that fits a little looser around your legs. It’ll look great with a sweater or a jacket.
  • Sharkskin Tuxedo

    Touch of feminine: While we know our men like and ties, maybe it’s time to embrace your androgynous or feminine side with a shirt with a floral pattern, lighter colors, or even some ruffles. Keep it light, flowy, and delicate. We’re not saying you should switch to a blouse, but don’t be afraid to try on that thin peach shirt.

  • A classic: Bring back your turtle necks! Whether it’s the rolling style, or a classic turtle neck with a zipper. It’s a classic, but save some money by bringing out the one you had a few years ago!
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