Prom Rep Mom

No event in the life of a community can bring teens, parents and schools together quite like the prom. For students it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well as a safe passage into the world of adult responsibility. After 30 years, Rose Tuxedo gets this better than anyone. We have had the privilege of outfitting the sharpest young men and women in town at affordable prices with impeccable style and service. Now parents have the opportunity to join with us to help themselves, their children and their children’s classmates enjoy this special time while saving some big bucks in the process.Our unique “Prom Rep Mom” program does for parents what the Prom Rep program does for the kids. Parents can join their kids in promoting the premiere prom supplier in the Phoenix area with discount cards and social media links. If your kids are shy or don’t like promotions you can help them out by doing the promoting for them with your own peers and reaping the benefits for both of you. This works especially well for hard-working, budget conscious parents who would love to give their kids that special prom experience without busting their budgets.It really is simple. Sign up and you receive the tools and support you need to send your fellow parents in to see us for their prom needs. We have the experience and low prices already – you are doing them and us both a favor by letting us take care of them. Each referral takes $10 off the friend’s rental order, while sending ten referrals gets you, the Prom Rep Mom, a FREE complete tuxedo rental for your student. Yo can do this the old fashioned way through daily conversations and phone calls or bring it into the 21st century through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. And by the way, Dads – you are welcome to join, too!Plan ahead now for the upcoming prom season. The sooner you start, the more time there is to plant the seeds of success. Proms are exciting times but loaded with so many details like restaurants, limos, flowers and so on. You can help your school community get the tux rental out of the way easily and quickly.Enjoy the prom! And give yourself a little pat on the back knowing you helped make it happen. Prom Rep Phoenix 2016. We even have Middle School Prom Tuxedo specials to save you money.
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