8 Common Myths About Tuxedo Rental (And the Truth)

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The question about whether to rent a tuxedo is common. Most of the time, the answer to it would depend on the circumstance. However, there are myths about renting a tuxedo, which many believe to be true.

Myths About Tuxedo Rental

1. Tuxedo Rental is Too Expensive

Some men have blamed cost as a reason for not wanting to wear a tux. But that is not true anymore. Tuxedo rentals now make access to a classy tux very affordable.

So, when next you want to show up at any event looking like a perfect gentleman in a tuxedo, for a little rental fee, you can get your dream look and have a good time at your party.

2. They are Old-fashioned

are not old-fashioned. They are classic outfits that have transcended time and age and continued to be relevant. Rocking a tuxedo to an event is not outdated at all. Like a regular suit, it is a fashion style that enjoys relevance, with newer designs springing up as the days go by.

3. It’s a Lot of Work

There are men who would consider wearing a tuxedo as too much work, especially when they have to dash off for an event. The thought of wearing cufflinks and setting the tux in place can feel like a lot of work, but it is not.

Rather, it is more of an issue of more time. While you will need to take your time to get into a tux and attach your cufflinks, it’s not much of a big deal if you are aiming for the formal and not-so-regular look.

If you are looking for a minimal look, you can just throw on a suit and tie. However, when you want to make a statement with your outfit, putting a little more time into it is more or less an investment.

It is the extra effort and time that makes the entire event feel special. It is what distinguishes that event from the regular one when you throw on your clothes and dash out of the door without paying much attention to your looks.

The extra effort with the dress-up heightens the anticipation for the evening. Rather than passively going through an event with a tux, you are actively creating a memorable one for yourself and lifting the spirit of the party.

4. They Don’t Fit

Many have criticized for being too boxy and not having the right fitting. This criticism has followed the tuxedo industry for several years. However, in recent times, a lot has changed.

The problem was that they made all with the same cut. So, while the cut would be the right fit for some people, it wouldn’t suit a good number of people. However, the tuxedo industry has devised ways to fix the fitting problem.

Nowadays, tuxedos usually come in three standard cuts. The first is the full cut, which is classic. The second is a modern and updated version of the classic. But the modern cut is usually trimmer than the classic and gives a better fitting.

Then, you have the slim-cut tuxedo that is the trimmest of all three. The design is in a way that hugs the body more. It is more for slimmer men who would want a more fitting look in their tuxedos.

So, nowadays, you have more choices to pick from. When renting a tuxedo, you look out for the perfect fit, especially one that fits your body the way you want.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

5. They are Uncomfortable

While some people’s opinion is that a tux can be uncomfortable because of the formal vibe it gives off, that’s not the case. Unless the tux has the same style as in the days of our grandparents, a tuxedo is comfy and gives you a smart look.

Like a regular suit, a tux is comfortable. The most important aspect is that you have your fitting right. When it fits, you are sure that you have both elegance and comfort in one piece.

6. They Make You Look Like a Server

Some people dislike wearing tuxedos because it makes them look like they are the help at an event, especially when the tuxedo fits poorly and appears cheap.

However, a well-tailored tux can uplift your entire appearance, and make you look classy and dope. The key lies in getting the right fitting for your tux and you are ready to go.

7. They are Worn Out

Some people believe that rented tuxedos are usually worn-out because of the number of people who rent and use them. But that’s not true! Rental tuxedos are made from high-quality materials that can stand the test of time and use.

Because of the material, a tuxedo can last for a long time. It can also last longer than your average garment. Despite being used, it wouldn’t show any sign of previous use and would still keep its shape.

When a tuxedo has served its purpose and is no longer in good shape, a tuxedo rental company would either send it for a revamp or stop renting it out. So, contrary to all myths, rental tuxedos are not worn-out tuxedos.

8. A Suit will Suffice for a Tuxedo

There is a valid reason we associate tux with special and grand events. That’s because it is formal, classy, and not regular. You don’t wear a tuxedo every day. We reserve it for the prestigious parties that are meant for a special class of people.

So, what you wear for such events is not merely dictated by you. Rather, it is how you play your part in making the event as grand as it can be. Wearing a suit to an event where the dress code is a tux lowers the quality of the event.

If the organizers of the event needed everyone to show up in a regular suit, they wouldn’t make the tux the dress code for the evening. Thus, you cannot unilaterally choose to wear a suit to a black-tie event.

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