Alternatives to Tuxedos for Weddings

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We all love a good tuxedo on a groom, but what if you’re wanting to try something different? What if you just don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else? What if you just aren’t a fan of tuxes? Not a problem. Rose Tuxedo, despite our name, offers many other choices. If you want a classic tuxedo, we’re here for you. If you want a tuxedo with a little something extra, we’ve got you covered. If you just don’t want a tuxedo, we’re here to help you, too. Today we’ll talk about a few things you can dress your grooms and groomsmen in besides tuxedos to stand out from the rest.

Accessories: Grooms and groomsmen in suspenders and slacks or jeans with a classic dress shirt are becoming very popular for wedding parties! Try out some fun socks or ties, too.

Color: Dress your groom in some colors besides black and white. Try a

bright red or one of your wedding colors. Try colored tuxedos or suits, or just one large piece of color—like the slacks!

Pinstripe: If you’re into swing music and the 1920’s, a pinstripe suit may be just the thing you want to see your future husband in as you walk down the aisle. Plus, think of all the fun prohibition gangster jokes you can make! You can also go for a more subtle pinstripe and just get a different look than the classic solid color suit or tuxedo.

Vest: Take a three piece suit and ignore the jacket. A suit vest and a nice dress shirt can be just as visually appealing as a tuxedo! Let him be a little more comfortable and save a little money by forgoing the classic and going for classic suit pieces. Matching or not, it can be a nice look.


More Casual: As the trend of simplicity and an older, country styled theme wedding ideas, consider dropping the tuxedo and gown and throwing on a simpler white dress for her, and some slacks, collared shirt with the sleeves folders up, suspenders, and maybe a newsboy cap or fedora. Sweaters could also be a nice way to combine style, fashion, and comfort.

Very Unconventional: Some women are walking right past the white dress tradition and going for bold color! Let your groo play with color or maybe opt for a more casual (but put together) look. This goes great with beach or other outdoor weddings. Bypass the dress shoes and slacks, and go for something simpler. Or, go for something way out there for both parts. The sky is the limit!

No matter what you do for your wedding, make it your own and don’t feel as if you need to fit into some box to make everyone happy. Your friends and family members are there to celebrate your love, so don’t let anyone else’s expectations get in the way of you having your dream ceremony.

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