Author: Dean Schlenker

Tuxedo Tips

When renting a tuxedo, most people look for the perfect fit but that is not the only aspect of the tuxedos that should affect your decision. If you are renting

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Tuxedo Rentals In Bad Economy

Tuxedo Rentals in bad economy All business takes hits in a bad economy. Tuxedo rentals are no exception. When looking to cut cost, you start thinking about, what I can

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Summer Wedding Dress Code

Summer Wedding Dress Code   The summer wedding isn’t going anywhere! He something you didn’t know about summer weddings are rising and before you go you must look your best.

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Tuxedo Rentals For Outdoors

Tuxedo Rentals Do you need a tuxedo for your wedding? Why spend all that money buying a tux when rental services are available. There’s a never-ending selection of tuxedo rentals. With

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