Quinceañeras, no doubt, are for the girls turning 15. The day is all about them. But that doesn’t mean the young man attending can’t look daper in his suit or tuxedo . He isn’t going to stealing the show . No, but he’s going to look his best and add to the color of the event.

Are you ready to figure out how to dress for a ? Read on.

Boys: How to Dress for a

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The girls already know what to do in this situation, they’ve been preparing for it their entire lives. So, what about the boys? I mean, when you’re done playing Fortnite, how are going to turn up for your friend? We’ve got you.

Suit Up for the Celebration

Although a quinceañera party revolves around a 15-year-old girl, some important boys in the celebrant’s life are included in her court. Guys, you can’t just turn up at the most important event of your lady friend’