Would you buy used bridal gowns?

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Gently used wedding dresses
Gently used wedding dresses

was thinking about this question the other day after talking with a bride and the answer is not just a black and white one. think it’ more like a cut, fit and budget answer. Recently the Arizona Republic wrote an article about Good Will’ new Bridal Clearance Center in Mesa, AZ and how great it is for a bride to find a beautiful dress and accessories at bargain prices.

So if you are a soon to be bride and your wedding budget is slim this maybe a great way for you to find a deal on a gently used wedding gown. The good news about the dress you may purchase is the condition, it should be in great shape because most brides only wear the dress once and then have it cleaned and stored. Rose Tuxedo has 2 location’s in Phoenix and 1 in Mesa and we have been in the formal Wear business for over 25 years and we get a call at least once a week from a Post-Bride about selling her dress. She either needs the money because the marriage is over or she may just want to make room in her closet after years of storing it. People clean out their closets all the time and give away great stuff to charities, so letting go of a beautiful wedding gown should not be a surprise.

What about the fit and the style of  gently used Bridal gowns? If you find a dress on Craigslist or at consignment store that fit’s you well, you can always have alterated to create a more perfect fit. Even dresses purchased at retail shops new usually need alterations, so for this reason it’s a wash on deciding to buy new or used. The style part is the most interesting decision you may have to make in my opinion and that always comes down to a personal preference. Ex-brides have brought the most gorgeous dresses into our Tuxedo shops over the years to try and sell them. Style of Bridal dresses does change over the years but just like Tuxedo jackets it’s the person that makes the clothes and not always the clothes. A vintage wedding dress may look awesome on the right lady and a long train or a lace’s maybe your personal preference, but gently used Bridal gowns come in all shapes and sizes and styles also, it’s the same process as buying new but it’s a treasure hunt that can pay off big and look fabulous. If you have the time to shop for a used wedding gowns or some accessories think you will be pleasantly surprised at all your choices you have especially if your wedding budget is limited. But don’t forget to shop at all the great local Bridal shops in the surrounding Phoenix area because they also provide great prices as well, and service which you may not get at a Thrift store. Rose Tuxedo has a great “preferred vendor” list on our web site www.rosetuxedoaz.com that has a few Bridal shops that we recommend. And we do provide in store alteration for on most Bridal Dresses new and used. Below is the link to the Arizona Republic Goodwill Bridal story. http://www.goodwillaz.org/wedding-dresses-now-at-goodwill-in-mesa/#.U_9yN9JdWSo

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