Can I wear a suit for my Wedding? wedding suits rental

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rose-kanyeWe have been in the Tuxedo and Suit rental business for over 20 years and this popular question comes up a lot so here are some things that may help you. First, there is no rule to this at all but there is one thing we’ve noticed over the years that changes. Consequently when the economy is not so great a lot of bride and grooms want to have a less formal wedding and they opt for their guys to wear a black suit with a long tie, this look is a little less formal and works great for a smaller celebration and furthermore most tuxedo specialists carry a variety of suits for rent because sometimes a father of the bride wants to look different. Also people rent suits for many other occasions such as job interviews, funeral services, prom, Christmas parties and more. There is no reason at all that you can’t wear a suit for your wedding and what it really comes down to is a personal decision. I will tell you that you have more options when it comes to renting a Tuxedo. What you do want to avoid when renting a suit for one individual in a wedding is that he doesn’t stand out too much, therefore if the guy’ are wearing black tuxedo’ and a dad just wants to rent a suit it’ much better if he could go with a black suit or a shade that matches the others. I have seen many wedding pictures over the years and it never looks good if a Grandfather decides to wear his own gray suit when everybody else is wearing black. Here are some of the difference between a suit and a Tuxedo. A lot of times they look the same the only difference is a Suit does not have a shiny lapel or a satin stripe down the side of the pants; this is really the only distinction between the two. The style can be the same, fitted or classic fit. The label can be a notch lapel or peak lapel and you can have a one, two or three button suit or tuxedo and you can also have a double breasted one single breasted style on either. Both are usually available with side vents or one open slit in the back. The price for renting a suit or tuxedo can vary but usually a tuxedo rental will cost a little more because of the accessories that go along with it. A tuxedo specialist will help you make the best decision for a great look and a great fit and they should have the latest styles and colors. It’s the man that makes the clothes, not the clothes, but a good tailor and formal specialist can only help. At Rose Tuxedo we carry a big selection of designer men’s suits and tuxedo’s at great rental prices anytime our customers need one.

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