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Wedding Flowers for the tables
Wedding Flowers for the tables


If you’re a bride, then we know you’re on high energy and anxiety trying to keep all the members of your wedding party involved, your parents happy and all the other millions of things that go into planning a big event such as a wedding.  That’s where a wedding planner comes in, to make your life easier so all that time can be spent enjoying the happiness of creating one of the most, if not the most, important events of your life.

So take a breath…..if you can afford it, hire a professional.  Set several interview appointments before you decide which one to choose.  Weddings bring out the best and the worst of all persons involved and you’ll need to have a good rapport, working relationship with the planner.

Buy a notebook and begin jotting down all your ideas, inspirations, etc. But most of all, set a budget.  Wedding planners are paid hourly, by commission, by contract, or a little of each and it can be expensive depending on how involved in your wedding they are.  If it’s beginning to end, including actively attending to the entire wedding day into the night, the bill may surprise you, so be ready.  Decide in your notebook, by number of priority, the things stressing you the most and delegate those to your coordinator.  It’s a beginning and you may find that just alleviating them has given you more time to enjoy the rest of your dream wedding. Rose Tuxedo will help a bride and Groom with their Men’s formal wear decisions. We have specialized in Tuxedo and suit rentals since 1982 in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Glendale AZ. If you new at being a Wedding Planner or your planning your own Wedding we would love to help. Just remember to have fun with it it’s wedding are a beautiful event.  Call us anytime 602 957-0089. Thank you and best wishes.

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