Tuxedo measurements-what you should know.

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So your brother just asked you to be his best man in his wedding and he’s picked out a rental shop in Phoenix. He say’s you need to get measured for your and everything has been picked out. The things you should know about being measured for a rental or suit rental. First, if you were buying a tuxedo or suit you would probably have a tailor do some professional alteration so that you would have a real custom fit and because most Suits and Tuxedo ’s don’t fit perfect off the rack. In the Tuxedo rental business a Tuxedo that you rent usually has to fit a lot of different guys and the same with the shirt and the pants. The tuxedo rental pants have adjusters on the sides that run three sizes. An example is a rental pant waist size 33 covers 33, 34 and 35 and the next size up pant is 36, 37, and 38. The smaller you can go on the pant waist the less baggy they will be in the legs. The designer Tuxedo and suit rental coat has sleeve hem’s that can be taken up or down to fit you and add a few inches up or down. The rental shirts come in all kinds of sizes from boy’s Extra Small to men’s 6XL for the neck and with a wide range of sleeve lengths for the arms. But they are not tailored shirts so you may have some extra material in the midsection of the shirt. If you owned the shirt and had it tailored the tailor would dart the sides in on the sewing machine to take out the extra material. You can ask you Tuxedo Specialist to try a size down on the shirt and put a button extender on the neck to make more room and this will help for a better fit it. The Tuxedo measurement is not an exact science so makes do happen but when you work with a local Tuxedo shop they will have back up inventory of Tuxedo coats, pants, shirts and shoes so they can make changes and alterations. Rose Tuxedo has 3 tuxedo shops the serve all of the surrounding Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert cities and more. The more shops local usually means the more inventory on hand for your wedding or Prom or Quinceanera party. Good luck and be patient you will look good.   rose-blacktie

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