Dressing to Impress: The Perfect Tuxedo Styles for Spring Weddings in Arizona

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The beautiful spring is here again. Let’s worry about the heat.

Springs, even with their fiery heat, seem beautiful for weddings. Everything seems perfect except the desert-hot weather, which can be worse if you are in the wrong outfit. Especially in Arizona. 

Dressing for a spring wedding in Arizona can be daunting because you’ll need to balance the scale between your comfort and your fashion. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress to slay? But hey, when plotting your graph on what to wear and what not to wear to look your absolute best that day, consider the blistering heat of the spring sun. So you won’t end up looking like a hitman in a tuxedo coming from a gym. 

It’s tempting to believe that a tuxedo isn’t the right outfit during these hot periods. But the truth is, you can still look stylish and stay comfortable in that tuxedo for the wedding. 

There are a few tricks that you might want to try in order to survive the heat and still make an impression of the wedding. Let’s unveil them to you in this article. 

Case in point:

1. Choose lightweight fabric tuxedos

What do you think? This should obviously be the number #1 right? Well, yeah. When selecting your tuxedo for the wedding, opt for the ones with lightweight and breathable fabrics to combat the heat. Excellent fabric choices are linen, lightweight wool, or blends with cotton. They allow better airflow and keep you cool throughout the day. 

2. Opt for light colored tuxedo

Have you ever noticed you feel hotter in the spring when you are in a dark-colored outfit? If you haven’t, try it out. Put on a dark outfit when next you are stepping out (especially when the sun is out). Notice the difference in the sun’s intensity on your skin. This is because, just like a black body in physics, a dark-colored outfit absorbs heat from the sun. brighter colored fabrics simply reflect the light away. 

In fact, the brighter the fabric, the more its heat reflective power, and the less warm you’ll feel. And the darker the fabric, the more its heat absorption power, and the hotter you’ll feel. This makes a black tuxedo a terrible choice for a spring wedding here in Arizona. Lighter shades of gray, beige, or even pastel colors are good options for you. They reflect heat, and they are good looking.

3. Go for a two-piece tuxedo instead

For a hot spring wedding here in Arizona, opt for a two-piece instead of a three-piece ensemble. To clear the air, a two-piece tuxedo has only a jacket and pants. While a three-piece has three pieces: the jacket, pants, and a vest. Since we are avoiding heavy fabrics, then we should also avoid plenty of fabrics. 

In a summer like this, three fabrics is plenty. Some people believe they look their absolute best in a three-piece tuxedo. Well, no argument. But I’m yet to see someone who rocks in a three-piece tuxedo and looks horrible on a two-piece. So why go for a three-piece tuxedo and tilt towards discomfort when you can embrace the two-piece and stay on a balanced scale?

4. Choose a breathable and bright colored dress shirt

Now let’s talk about the dress shirt. Just as we suggested, you go for breathable tuxedo fabrics. The same goes for the dress shirt. A light fabric tuxedo on a heavy fabric dress shirt will still make the wedding a terrible oven-esque. Keep it all light. Cotton or linen fabrics are good options. Also, don’t forget that bright shades of fabrics reflect heat. To minimize any form of heat absorption, maintain a bright dress shirt.

5. Opt for bow tie

Try as much as you can to keep your neck more ventilated. That’s an excellent way of defending against the Arizona’s spring heat. One excellent way to achieve this is by opting for a bowtie rather than the traditional necktie.after all, bow ties are stylish and can enhance your entire tuxedo look. Go for a complimentary color to best match with your tuxedo color. 

6. Don’t forget to go with a pocket square

Your pocket square doesn’t only enhance your tuxedo look, or add as a complementary color match. It’s an important spring wedding accessory which comes in handy when you start sweating. You can use it to wipe away sweat from your face. If you are someone that sweat a lot on your palm, consider this a must have. We usually advise you to go for a fabric and color that agrees with the fabric of the tuxedo. This is to avoid the pocket square looking like an obvious grass among flowers. If you are wearing a solid-colored tuxedo, go for a patterned or textured pocket square and vice versa. This adds visual interest to your look. 

7. Use moisture-wicking underwear

Moisture-wicking underwear is a type of underwear designed to manage sweat and keep you dry even during hot weather. It’s usually made from synthetic fabrics that can collect moisture or fabrics from your skin and transfer it to an outer surface where it can easily evaporate. This keeps you dry and helps you stay comfortable.

 Although traditional cotton underwear will also absorb sweat. But they will retain the moisture. This won’t just make you uncomfortable, it can also lead to irritation. It’s advisable that when buying moisture-wicking underwear, you go for a reputable brand known for their moisture-wicking technology. 

Let’s Help You

With these few tricks, dressing stylishly to a wedding while wearing a tuxedo during the hot spring of Arizona is achievable. All you need is to prioritize lightweight, bright colored tuxedo fabrics when buying or renting one. Apply the same for your dress shirt. Opt for a two-piece tuxedo rather than a three-piece. Settle for a bow tie rather than the traditional necktie. And don’t forget, go with a pocket square to help you wipe sweat off your face. And wear moisture-wicking underwear. 

Rose tuxedo has you fully covered should you need help in selecting a nice, good looking, and heat reflective tuxedo. We offer a wide range of tuxedos for you for any occasion. Our tuxedo collections are at an affordable price. Reach out to us today!

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