Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Prom, but were Afraid to Ask

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Prom TuxedosEverybody knows that prom night is one of the most special nights ever.  Rose tuxedo is the place to go for expert advice, beautiful formal wear, and the latest trends.  Those who want to prom need to get on the ball.  It’ really a very easy process.  Getting ready for the prom goes a little something like this:

1.  Find the right girl.  This can be difficult because you want to make sure that you get a “yes”, so ask now!

2.    Keep those grades up , because you don’t want to get grounded before the big day.  Also, stay out of trouble for the same reason.

3. O.K., you have the most important things out of the way.  Now it is time to think about how much money you are going to need for the prom.  Once you have your finances in order, it’ time to look for some “around the house jobs” you could do, or get a part-time job at the grocery store, your pick.

4.  What about transportation?  If you don’t have a car, it’s time to talk to dad about borrowing his car for the night, if his car is the best car in the family.  If you have your own car, you are lucky.  If you don’t, get with your buddies and decide who you can double-date with.

5.  Find out what color your date’s prom dress is so that you can complement that color through your boutonniere, your pocket handkerchief, your socks, or your bow tie or tie. The exact same color can be very fetching.  Rose Tuxedo has almost every color she can come up with.  This will also earn you points with your date.

6.  Speaking of boutonniere, you are supposed to get the girl a corsage, a wrist corsage, or a hair flower.  Ask her which one she wants and order it now.  The florist will have it ready for you on prom night, and if you order early, you will get exactly what you want.  Your date will probably get your boutonniere for you, but it’s O.K. to ask.

7.Call Rose Tuxedo of Arizona to ask them about tuxes, suits , Western , and anything else you need to know.  They will fill you in on when to come in for your fitting, shoes, tux accessories, anything at all you need help with.

8.  Call the restaurant you are going to take your date to, and make a reservation.  If you are going in a group, call to see if someone is going to take care of this part.  Just make sure you are in communication and don’t let anyone drop the ball.  The waiter’s tip should be 20%.  You don’t want to look like a cheapskate, do you?

9.  A day or two before the prom, go to Rose Tuxedo and get your tux , or whatever formal wear you are going to rent, fitted.

10.  The night of the prom, let your mother take your picture.  She will love this.  Your date’s mom is going to want to take your picture, too.  Be polite.  Now go to the prom; use good judgement; be safe and well-mannered; don’t be a goof-ball; and have fun!

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