Christmas is right around the corner, so someone’s bound to invite you to some sort of Christmas or other Holiday-themed festivities! Be it Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Office party, family party, or a holiday downtown adventure, it never hurts to be a little festive. Whether you have a tie with snowmen or a tie with candy cane stripes, or you’re looking for an excuse to buy a super-flashy tie, we have you covered. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll direct you to where to go. In the meantime, read ahead to know when and where to wear different holiday-themed ties.


  • Wear them for an ice breaker- It’s a good way to get a conversation started or to grab the attention of someone who catches your fancy.
  • Own it! We don’t mean purchase it, borrowing or rentals are allowed. We’re talking attitude. If you put on a tie with a light up menorah or a string of Christmas lights sewn in, don’t be embarrassed. Act like it’s the most gorgeous tie in the world and it makes you look awesome.
  • Keep it classy. For things like office parties or events where you’re trying to impress in-laws, parents of your girlfriend, or other similar situations, you may want to stick to the classier option of candy-cane-esque stripes or something subtle like snowflakes. Don’t wear the Rudolph tie or the “Ho Ho Ho” Santa tie to a wedding.
  • Keep it clean when children will be present. Some novelty ties are emblazoned with questional references. Be aware of who will be at these parties or events. We don’t need grandma or your little nephew getting upset or confused by the words (or actions) on your tie.
  • Keep it fun: It’s Christmas. You don’t have to wear a full suit to throw on a festive tie. You also don’t need to keep it fully tied and tight all night.
  • Opt for a goofy holiday tie for the “Ugly Christmas” parties—you’ll look much better in a goofy tie than an ill-fitting sweater. Catch the eye of the cute girl under the mistletoe.
  • Try a festive bow tie– especially with a higher collared shirt.


  • Feel pressured. If you don’t want to wear a festive tie- don’t. You can go with holiday colors instead. Or no tie at all.
  • Mix patterns: If you’re wearing a flashy tie, keep the rest of the outfit solid colors (socks excluded. Christmas socks are awesome).
  • Wear with a t-shirt. This is a general rule for all of your life.
  • Be aware of colors. Avoid clashing colors or different shades of the same color (ex: Red in the tie, but a darker or light red shirt).
  • Covet thy neighbor’s tie! If someone shows up to the party with a cooler tie than you, don’t get mad—make a friend!
  • Ignore the fun of a festive tie. If you’re a father, you will receive at least one holiday-themed tie in your life. Wear it proudly. Your children will love that you wear their gift to you with pride. Wear it immediately and don’t take it off until everyone goes home.

Whatever you do this Christmas, be safe. If you end up with a tie around your head and you’re singing into a lampshade, find a way to get home safely. Be careful in traffic, and don’t let the awkward relatives make Christmas any less enjoyable. And as always, Rose is here for all of your suit and tux needs.