Formal Wear For A Moment To Remember

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt by every industry. As weddings, parties, and overall formal events are being post-poned and cancelled, the formal wear industry is being affected, too. It is no doubt that most of us spend our days in comfy clothes losing track of the days, but longing for the day we can dress up again.

ultra slim navy sterling

ultra slim navy sterling

Soon we enjoy life again

How sweet it will be to put on your best dress and how special it will feel to go out in the town. Perhaps we will get to go to a summer wedding and dance the night away, but it will look different. No hugs, dancing at a distance, but dressed up and celebrating love.

valentines day wedding

valentines day wedding theme

Event and parties being postponed

Prom is not in the Spring as planned, but do not blow it off completely. Let’s plan for a later prom date and make it even more special. Find the dress of your dreams, the tux that makes you feel like a million bucks and save it for that special night that will eventually come as we move forward. Imagine a special event where you had to get creative with your mask, making for a fun night and even more lasting memory.