Formal wear trends in 2016

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Even though girls think that guys have it easier when it comes to clothes and picking up outfits, we all know that they are completely wrong. Yes, when it comes to men’s fashion things seem to be less complicated, but that is only because women always love to overcomplicate things. You girls can rest assured that even guys have to keep up with the latest fashion trends. And since looking great is everyone’s priority, here are some formal wear trends you might want to keep in mind this year.

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You never know when you need a fashionable and at the same time incredibly formal outfit. If could be either for a prom, a wedding or even for a class reunion. The bottom line is that you wouldn’t want to get caught off guard and wear something that has been out of style for years. So in order to make a great impression and be the talk around the party, you might want to check out these few formal wear trends.

We all know that never go out of style, no matter what. Little has changed in their appearance over the years, yet it still manages to be a relevant and amazingly good looking outfit. When it comes to , the formal wear trends of 2016 tell us just one detail, and that is regarding their color, which should be somewhere around navy blue. It is a great alternative to the classic blue and it looks equally impressive.

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When it comes to suits , the formal wear trends of 2016 are pretty erratic. You can either pick a window checked suit or a plain one. As far as colors go, the main rule is that there are no rules. Depending on the event that you are attending, you might want to consider wearing a suit that is either French navy, sky blue and even marine green. You can even add accents of salmon, cherry and even pink.


The only constant in this year’s formal wear trends are the shoes. The rules are pretty much the same. Oxfords and derby shoes are still everyone’s number one pick in formal wear.

The bottom line is that regardless the event you should be prepared with the most fashionable outfit possible. However, there are also a few other things that you might want to keep in mind. For instance, wearing a suit that is in accordance with the formal wear trends but does not properly fit you, defeats the purpose of being trendy.

The good news is that here, at Rose we can help you pick out outfits that are both fashionable and that fit you perfectly. This way you can make sure that you keep up with all formal wear trends and are guided to choosing the perfect size.

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