How To Be a Good Groomsman

Table of Contents

  1. Don’t be jealous: this mainly goes or those groomsmen who thought they would be the best man. Just because you weren’t picked at best man doesn’t mean the groom doesn’t think you’re amazing and treasure you. Just think, you can enjoy the wedding without the stress of being expected to give a speech and you got to enjoy the bachelor party without being the main planner. But if you’re asked to help, don’t be a jerk and refuse since you weren’t chosen as Best Man.
    2. Don’t get drunk and act a fool: Whether the wedding is open bar or someone sneaks alcohol in, wait untl  after the ceremony to have more than a drink or two. Know your drinking limits and avoid even getting tipsy. Your man needs you at your best for the most important night of his life.
    3. Suit or Tux rules: After you’ve probably rented a tuxedo or suit to match your fellow groomsmen (from we hope) there are a few things to remember,
    A. If you have it before the wedding, keep it hanging and make sure it’ wrinkle free for the big day.
    B. Ensure everything is worn correctly. This goes for the style of knot for the tie, location and shape off pocket squares, cufflinks, cummerbunds, hats, and more.
    . Make sure your shoes are clean and polished if that is how the groom wants them.
    D. Avoid adding extra personal touches because you need to blend in with the other groomsmen.
    4. Stay composed: A stray tear here and there is fine, but try to avoid audible sobs, loud cheers, or other outburst during the ceremony.
    5. Be a gentleman: Most weddings pair off groomsmen and bridesmaids– no matter who you’re paired with, be courteous, even if it’ someone you dislike or if you preferred to be paired with another bridesmaid. There’ a reason you were paired with her. Respect the choices of your friend and his bride
    6. Posture: this should go without saying, but here’s a friendly reminder– stand up straight and communicate with the bride and groom about stances (such as military stances, distance from others, etc.)
    7. Have fun: This is a big day for your friends or family, so once the party begins, don’t be afraid to let loose a little. Still be a gentleman and have some composure, but throw back a few drinks, mingle with people, cheer loudly, snag your buddies for group photos, etc.
    8. Tell her she is beautiful: Simple. Tell the bride and her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride how beautiful they are. This is especially sweet to the bridesmaids if the dresses were a strange choice.
    9. Recommend a song: This goes for the DJ or before the party when the bride and groom are making a song lists. A song you and the groom sing in the car, a song you think the bride will love, or a great dance track to show off your moves.
    10. Consider getting a group gift for the bride and groom with the other groomsmen: Wedding gifts can be tough, Get everyone in the bridal party to pitch in and get something the bride and groom really want or need. Give them gift cards for nice dinners out on their honey moon, or surprise them with an upgrade to their limo or other transportation to or from the wedding. Make it special– not just something boring on their registry,
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