Most and Suit rentals are for men, young and old. While they certainly make most of the Tux rental business, there is also demand for women and suit rentals. Rose love’s dressing the ladies and were always more than happy to help women for tuxedos , and other kinds of formal wear for any occasions. I should say that suiting a lady takes a little more work than men because of the awesome ladies shapes of all kinds and men too. So working with a local Tuxedo Specialist is always best because of the alterations and different size jackets and more. Shipping a tuxedo or suit out of state for a lady is not easy and not always recommended.

Big time looks coming from the ladies 

Woman wearing a suit or tuxedo can steal the show and blow everyone away. Tails tux, a top hat, sexy heels and she can look amazing. And that is only the tip of the iceberg for the ladies. Women can really rock a suit and the ways are endless.

When a woman wears a suit or a tux, she shows strength, independence, and knows high fashion. That might be why there’s so much of a desire these days for a women to check out renting a tuxedo or suit before buying a dress. The calls have picked up over the years with more and more women calling in and stopping to ask about renting a tuxedo. It’s one of our most looked at pages on our web site-Lady Tuxedos .

Tuxedo and Suits for women