Holiday Party suit rental

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Holiday Party suit rental are very popular this time of year. Buy or rent?

So you have a Holiday party to attend, what should you do if your suit doesn’t fit anymore or the style is out dated? Well, just to let you know your not alone when this happens. Most people only wear a suit once a year or less. But your worried because the invitation say’s formal attire or you just want to look sharp and your friends are wearing suits .

Holiday suit
Holiday Suit

Should you run out and buy a suit or rent one

Here’s the deal. I have over 20 years in the Men’s formal Wear business and most of my Tuxedo Specialist will tell you your better off to rent and here’s why. Holiday Party suit rental or last minute purchases of any kind can go good or bad. Clothing purchases are the same thing. Not enough time to research a purchase or tuxedo could leave you with a poor quality material and style. Not to mention the fit.

holiday party fashion
Holiday party fashion

Quality vs Price

You ran out to look for a to buy because you figured renting a suit is going to cost you around $150 to $200. You think to yourself maybe I can find a nice fitting suit for a little more money and use it again in the future. First of all, a really good quality is going to cost you $400 or more. Most of the time it will need some small alterations and that can take time. Don’t let this make up your mind, let’s read on.

Holiday suit rental
Holiday suit rental

How good will a rental suit look on me

Tuxedo specialist and Suit rental shops are in business for a few reason’s and renting out Designer tuxedos and suits for all occasions is what they do. Most shops carry a wide range of sizes and the latest tuxedo styles and colors in the market. A specialist will know what styles look best for your shape and needs. And what color suit rental you should show up in. Are you a slim fit or a Modern fit customer? These are the question we can help you with for your next Holiday party.

 Suit rental
suit rental

You made the designer Suit Purchase

Congratulation you bought a nice suit 5 days before the Holiday party and it looks real good and fits like a champ and you only paid $250 for it. Well, you did good. The great news is you don’t have to return it after the event because it’s not a rental so that’s one less headache. It really does’t need to be dry cleaned this time because you only wore it once. So far your looking real good with your purchase and feeling great knowing you have a suit for the next event.

suit rental
suit rental

6 months later another event to wear your suit

For most guys your still in good shape and the suit fits like a glove and looks great. But you purchased a Navy Blue suit and this event calls for Black tie attire. Can you wear the new suit? Yes and no. You don’t want to stand out too much or maybe you do but some events want to keep it black and formal. If it buttons and you didn’t buy a pleated pant suit I say your still looking good.

designer tuxedo rental

Everyone win’s with a purchase or rental

Lots of guys can walk into a store last minute and find a nice looking fitted suit to purchase because of size and more. But some can and do all the time. If you can find a designer suit to purchase last minute or way before and the price is something you can afford you may have to go for it, even if you only wear it once a year. If you need to rent a designer tuxedo or suit last minute never fear because that’s what a Tuxedo shop is there for and hopefully they will have some awesome choices to choose from at affordable rental prices. At the end of the day go and have fun and be confident because it’s the Man that makes the suit. Happy Holidays to all. Just my humble thoughts and experience with Designer Suit rentals and purchases at Rose Tuxedo.


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