Prom dresses are pretty common among young ladies in the United States. They are more appropriate, especially during prom night. The ability to choose the best prom dress for this event is highly regarded. It can be about its color or style. The article will address these two to help you select what fits you most.


Prom Dress Colors

Skin color is the most important natural feature you should consider when selecting a prom dress color. You want something that will match well with your skin tone. In that sense, then, a prom dress that fits your friend who has a different skin color may not necessarily suit you no matter how elegant it looks in them. Without further ado, let’s analyze different skin colors.

1. Dark Skin

If you are dark-skinned, any pastel color or bright jewel-tone can perfectly complement you. It will make the dark complexion shine. Copper and gold shades can also do very well. The colors that go hand in hand with them are amethyst and ruby.

There are those colors you should avoid. They include grey, blue, black, silver, and brown. They can make your skin tone look washed or fatigued. Therefore, always ensure you fit popping colors.

2. Warm Light Skin

People with this skin tone include those with blonde or red hair and some rosiness in their cheeks. If you belong here, then earthy tones can fit you well. They include greens and browns. You can also consider neutral colors such as grey, beige, and navy.

You should avoid bright colors such as neon and drastic colors like white and black. They can be too harsh on you.

3. Olive Skin

These individuals are versatile since they can wear many different colors. For instance, if you intend to display brown undertones on your skin, you can go with shades of green. Pink, orange, coral, and vibrant red shades also fit well with this skin tone.

Regardless of the flexibility with the colors of this skin tone, you should avoid neutral colors such as tan and beige.


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