As a boy, when you turn 13 in the Jewish community, it’s time for your Bar Mitzvah. This is when you officially become committed to observing the commandments of Judaism.

Bar Mitzvah’s literal translation is “son of the commandments.” As with weddings, there is a lot of planning involved to prepare for a Bar Mitzvah. A local tuxedo specialist can help you and your guest with some nice Men’s formal attire if you’re thinking about it.


Most Bar Mitzvahs are held during morning Shabbat services at the Synagogue. However, some happen on other days and some opt to hold a private Bar Mitzvah at different locations.

How to Observe Bar Mitzvah Tradition and Dress Appropriately

During the Bar Mitzvah, men will wear a prayer shawl, also known as a tallit. The tallit serves as a reminder of the commandments of the Torah and is reserved for Jews only. However, the kippa can be worn by all men, and in some synagogues, women as well. Wearing the kippa serves as an act of respect to God. barmitzvah

One can expect quite a bit of standing for certain prayers. Try to follow along in the siddur or prayer book. The Bar Mitzvah child may lead in such prayers and may give a speech about part of the Torah.

Bar Mitzvah parties can sometimes be elaborate events, and people often dress in a formal or semi-formal manner. The event can be held at private homes, synagogues, or event venues. Like a wedding reception, the Bar Mitzvah party varies in scope and has a great celebratory atmosphere. It is common for guests to provide gifts.

Some Bar Mitzvahs may have a band or a DJ that plays modern music, and the Bar Mitzvah child is sometimes raised on a chair. Meals range from several courses to buffet style with traditional Jewish dishes. They can even be formal and informal and sometimes wearing a suit or tuxedo to the occasion just show even more class and respect for the day. Rose Tuxedo has been renting suits and tuxedos for Bar Mitzvah for years in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding cities.