Suit Up For Quinceañera Celebrations!

Although the quinceanera celebration is all about the girl, the boys showing up at the party have to match the girls in dressing. Especially when they are included in her court. Guys, you can’t just turn up at the most important event of your lady friend’s life yet in a pair jeans and t-shirt. You need a suit. Get yourself suited up and do your part in making that day special for her.

Court of honor

Grey tuxedo


In many quinceaneras (, for short) there is a court of honor who accompanies the girl of honor alongside her parents and godparents. This group often consists of around 14 boys and girls of the party recipients choosing, half boys and half girls (chamberlanes and damas, respectfully). These boys and girls are expected to dress appropriately ( suits and ties or tuxedos for the boys, prom-style dresses for the girls).

Male and female guests are often expected to dress as they would to a wedding and usually in pastel colors. As with weddings, guest probably shouldn’t assume tuxedo . Feel free to ask the parents or the girl what the dress code is and plan accordingly. When in doubt, boys; wear a nice suit.

Plan to dress great and look great