In a previous blog post, we talked about how to choose your groomsmen. In this post, we will be addressing the best man . We want to teach you how to be the best support and best man to your friend, the .

#1 Help your best friend prepare

This can be as simple as helping him get ready, setting up the bachelor party, calming him down if he gets cold feet, or helping with general planning. You’re not likely to be heavily involved in the planning, but you’ll be needed in the execution.

#2 Prepare a toast

You are expected to give a toast after the ceremony, before the meal. Keep it truthful, from the heart, but avoid stories of his past lovers, wild parties, or anything else incriminating. It also wouldn’t hurt to compliment the bride a little.

#3 Have a stash of the ’s favorite alcohol

Your best friend is incredibly nervous. Keep a couple airplane bottles or a small flask with just enough alcohol to help him get through the jitters. If he’s not into alcohol, come up with something to calm his nerves (tea, soda, cigars, cigarettes, etc.). DO NOT let him get drunk before the wedding starts.

#4 Coordinate

When possible, talk with the Maid of Honor and the Bride. This keeps your guys from getting blindsides or confused. The bride and her girls are more likely to talk to you than the other groomsmen and the . If possible, get a female who isn’t in the bridal party to parlay messages if possible. Coordination keeps the bride and from overwhelming issues and allows them to focus on the events to come.

#5 Know the wedding party and guests

Know who is who