In previous blog posts, we discussed How To Be a Great Best Man and How To Be A Good Groomsman but it’s your job as the (often with help from the bride) to pick the best men for your side of the wedding party! We’ll also talk about how to choose great bridesmaids and a great maid of honor!

#1 Don’t be afraid to include men who are important to your bride-to-be!

Some couples choose their wedding party together, including friends of the bride on both sides and friends of the on both sides. Common choices include her brother or close cousin or male friend!

#2 The same goes for the bridesmaids

A close friend or relative of the can be a bridesmaid. This could mean sisters, cousins, or close friend. It’s 2015, men and women can be close friends! Don’t leave out his close female friends.

#3 Don’t just pick anyone