Many people who wear suits don’t really know how to wear their suits . Especially during the fall seasons. Let’s make you not be “many people”. Nothing will make you look sharp, elegant, and powerful like wearing a suit. So, why not wear it well? You may wonder, is there a right and a wrong way to wear a suit? Well, yeah. 

We’ve put down some rules to guide you this fall season. You don’t have to make the mistakes people make when wearing a suit anymore. Especially during the autumn season. 

Let’s unpack!

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6 Suit Mistakes Men Make You Shouldn’t 

1. Wearing a smartwatch

Wearing a smartwatch with your suit will make you look sporty, not elegant. You should rather wear a non-sporty metal wristwatch. This will bring out the classy and timeless look of your suit.

2. Not removing the tags and stitches

Many men wear their suits without removing the markers. Perhaps they are scared of ruining the suit. But the tags are meant to be removed. You can play safe by using a scissor to do that.

3. Wearing numerous accessories 

When you wear a suit, you are going for a majestic, timeless look. Wearing numerous rings, necklaces, or bracelets will work against your plan. You can wear accessories but keep it moderate.

4. Getting a trendy suit

Getting a suit just because it is trending? Probably because you saw it at the Oscars worn by a celebrity. Here’s our advice, you really shouldn’t do that. There’s no assurance that the suit will keep trending by next year. If you want to spend on a suit, get the classic first. Black, gray, and even navy blue can do the trick.

5. You may wear shirts and ties

You can add different styles like using a turtleneck, which is very comfortable and makes you feel elegant.

6. Not getting your suit tailored

You shouldn’t just get your suit from any suit store. Especially in the fall seasons. If you get your suit from a random store, it won’t fit you 100% because the suits are mass-produced. And even people with similar body structures still have differences. 

How To wear a suit in fall 

Here’s a helpful digression: 

Before you get a suit in the fall, there are two things to consider. Here they are: 

  • The Super Number
  • The GSM number (grams per square meter)

We measure the weight of fabric in ounces or GSM (grams per square meter). A lightweight fabric would be from 180GSM to 230GSM. It includes linen, silk & cotton. Heavyweight is anything higher than 300GSM. This is like thick wool. A suit suitable for the fall season would have a lower super number of 110 or less and a higher GSM of 280 or higher.

Now let’s get started on how to wear a suit in the fall. 

1. Wear a waistcoat for added warmth

An ideal two-piece suit comprises trousers with a matching jacket or fleece. The two-piece suits are the most commonly used. The three-piece suit is a feasible volition for fall. 

The three-piece suit is similar to the two-piece suit counterparts. It comprises trousers with a matching jacket or coat. It also includes a vest which is known as a waistcoat. 

A vest is a sleeveless piece of clothing with buttons which people usually wear over a shirt &