Impress the In-laws This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is coming and that means having an evening (or a weekend) with the dreaded in-laws. Whether you love or hate your wife or girlfriends parents and regardless of their feelings towards you, there will always be this desire to impress them. What better way than with a suit (even a rental)? Show up to Thanksgiving dinner wearing a Rose Tuxedo suit and dress to impress.

Some say “clothes make the man”, and they’re right. A suit won’t change who you are but it can influence how others see you and it can even make you feel better. A suit that fits properly will make you stand taller, walk with confidence, and command respect. People love seeing confidence and if you’re confident, everyone will take notice.

If you show up to the in-law’s home this holiday season in a suit they may think you got a promotion, changed your career, or just care about your appearance. If you’ve never met the parents of your girlfriend, now’s the chance to make a fantastic first impression. Even if you work retail or are a paper pusher in an office, a suit will make you look like you are successful, or at least strive for success. Who knows, maybe the new-found confidence will convince you to go for that promotion at the office?

Besides looking successful, will make you look exponentially better in general. You will look more like the man of her dreams when you walk in the door with a suit and tie. Even if the in-laws aren’t impressed your woman will look at you in a new light. Also, a well-dressed man next to a beautiful woman is sure to convince her parents you’re a good pair. Her parents probably want grandchildren and the thought that you could help create beautiful babies won’t hurt.

If there’s anything worse than in-laws, it’s the grandparents and cousins of your lovely partner. These people may not see you very often so the rare holidays everyone attends will define you. You could wear jeans and a t-shirt to all other events but if you wear a suit at Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas you’ll make a statement like “I look good,” and “I care about myself head-to-toe,” and “I know what I’m doing with my life.” Impress the entire family by looking your best. The better you look, the fewer questions they’ll ask and the less likely you are to lie about your less-than-impressive job. Any budget can afford a for an evening.

If you look good, she’ll look good, and her parents will be able to tell. So rent a suit from Rose Tuxedo this Thanksgiving to impress everyone at dinner. We may not be able to prevent you from dripping gravy on your shirt but you’ll still look dapper.


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