Planning your Wedding

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Now that you’ve made the BIG DECISION (choosing a partner in marriage)….when should you get married?

Some people think marriages were down in 2013, because of the 13 myth as an unlucky number.  As if a number could effect the partnership of marriage, maybe?  This year the lucky number could be 12,13,14,  December 13, 2014.  I sure hope all these superstitions don’t lesson the amount of patience, understanding, give and take it requires to plan a wedding and stay married for years.

As for which season, in Arizona most brides avoid the hot summer months, even though prices for venues, caterers, florists, photographers, tuxedo rentals etc. drop significantly after June.  I would say April and October are the big months for the southwest.  It’ spring and summer in the East and anytime for destination weddings on the California coast or other tropical areas like Cancun, Bahamas, etc.  But whatever number you feel good about, you’ll never forget.  I wonder if the couples who got married on 7/7/2007, 11/11/2011 had any better luck than the ones who got married on 3/13/2013?

In closing, my mother and her twin brother had a double wedding on Valentine’ day 1941.  She always said, “Your father never had a hard time remembering our Anniversary because of Valentine’ Day”.   So if anything, the number you choose may help the groom bring home a gift every year and not forget his anniversary…..Good Luck


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