Prom 2019: We’re All About Class in Tuxedo & Suit Rentals

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Tuxedo and Suit Rentals: We’re All About Class

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Prom is one event all high-schoolers look forward to. And there’s a lot of pressure on the guys during this period. They’re expected to make all the plans, especially if they’re going with a date to prom. Sometimes in the effort to make sure all arrangements go smoothly, they neglect a very important part of prom. That is their prom outfit. News flash guys; All your arrangements won’t matter if you turn up looking shabby. So it’s important you put some thought into planning your outfit. This post is intended to help you pull off that classy look that never goes out of style.

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Don’t be perturbed, sit back, I’ve got you. It will be fun. Let’s look at some simple clothing pieces that you can put together to give you a classy look.

First off, say NO to eccentric outfits. Let’s make something clear, the aim isn’t to make your clothes the centre of attention. Rather, it is to make you and your date the center of attention.

Here are some items you should totally consider:

  1. Your Jacket: You could rent a tuxedo. Preferably a black or a grey . You could go with a jacket with a satin faced lapel. A shawl collared jacket would also suffice.
  2. Your Trousers: Your trousers should be of the same shade and material of your jacket. If your jacket has a lapel that is satin faced, then get a trouser that has the bottom lined with the same satin. A belt to hold your trouser is okay but you would look sharper if you used a suspender instead. It’ll be best if it were suspended from the insides of the trouser and not outside. We don’t want to see those cheap metal clips while you dance.Business, Man, People, Success, Adult, Portrait, Person
  3. Your Shirt: You want to wear a plain white shirt with a placket. Get a shirt with studs and not buttons. If your shirt needs cufflinks, get a simple one. Preferably black with gold rims or black with silver rims. Never opt for gold and silver cufflinks.
  4. Your Shoes: A simple black dress shoe will suffice. If you don’t have one, simply rent a formal pump.
  5. Your Tie: You cannot go wrong with a plain black bow tie. If your rented outfits don’t come with one, get one. Knot your tie of you can, it looks better than the clip-on.
  6. Your Waist: Go with a vest or a cummerbund. With your ensemble, a black one of either would be nice. If you don’t want to go with black, you could try grey or a darker hue. Please stay away from bright colors.

That’s enough guide to your classy look. Another important thing to note is matching outfits with your date. Keep it simple. Your boutonniere could do the matching. You could make it a shade darker than her gown. Just enough to say “I’m with her” without looking like you’re in the same choir. At Rose Tuxedo, we have professionals that will help you pull off that classy look that never goes out of style. Give us a call, we’ll be glad to help.

Whatever you do,  however you choose to appear, do not forget that nothing beats a gentleman with manners. Not even the man that holds everyone’s attention.

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