Prom Done by Mom?

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Since Covid 19 hit in early 2020, the world as a whole has experienced many firsts. Like quarantining of healthy people, hospitals filled with sick people and no support person to take care of them in the process, and countless other business trying to run on a limited capacity, or closed down altogether for weeks on end, limits on the number of people we can have at a party or event, countless birthday party cancellations, countless wedding cancellations, and let’s not forget the masks, mask, mask everywhere, all the time!

A Boy’s guide to Prom night in 2021

These restrictions haven’t just affected us as adults, our children have felt the effects as well. They’ve sat at home on the computer for school, instead of being in the classroom with their teachers and peers, they’ve missed out on school plays, sporting events, band concerts, class trips, and more. But perhaps the most disappointing event many of our high schoolers have missed out on is prom. For many, prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and missing out on this much-anticipated occasion has been the biggest disappointment of many high school careers. And that is why, this year, so many parents are stepping in for Prom 2021 and making it happen for their kids.

Prom 2021
Prom 2021

“Prom done by Mom” as many are calling it, is a movement where parents are putting on Prom 2021 all by themselves. They’re hosting in their homes, renting halls, and some have even rented out fancy event rooms at resorts. Supermoms all over the country are planning everything from chicken or beef, to the centerpieces, to the color of the backdrop of the photo booth.

Prom Tuxedo jackets

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