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Customers always ask this question when faced with paying to rent a for their special event.  “How much would it be to buy this ?”  Well, the one they’re renting is more than likely used, so that price would be less than buying new, which could be anywhere from $250.00 all the way up to $700.00 or more for designer name brands.  And then there’s the cost of the accessories, shoes, vests, ties, jewelry etc.   The answer lies in several places…how many times a year will you wear this ?  The rule is more than twice, you should own it.  Do you change sizes, gain or lose weight?  Are you going on a cruise, in which case the cost of an extended rental may be very close to the cost of owning the tuxedo .  Finally, if money is not an issue, I guarantee you most people buy and it doesn’t matter how often they wear it or if it hangs in their wardrobe for future use.

In closing, there are times you must rent because you’re required to wear a special tuxedo to match other groomsmen in a wedding, or some other specific event that requires a style you wouldn’t want to own.  If you do decide to buy a tuxedo, choose a style that will last through at least a decade, and spend the money required to tailor the tuxedo to you.  For after all, it is the fit that makes the tuxedo you wear special and that’s what we do at Rose Tuxedo, fit you. Rose Tuxedo is close to all the surrounding Phoenix cities and we have tuxedo and suit rentals for the same day. So never worry about renting versus buying a tuxedo because

Grey suit or tuxedo
Grey suit or tuxedo

we can help you which ever way you decide to go.

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