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Are you looking for a designer tuxedo or suit?

No matter the occasion here at rose tuxedo we can have you looking right and feeling great. With our endless stock of tuxedos in accessories is very easy to find what you like and looks great. We have over 160 colors in many different styles. Allowing you to match anything that you’d prefer. With our various fabrics, vest, and ties we are always here to help you create your desired unique look. The other competitors only have about 80 to 90 colors available. This leaves you with a very limited wardrobe and can make things a lot more stressful.


At Rose Tuxedo we have tuxedo rentals starting at $79.99. When you go anywhere else something for that price is going to feel very cheap and uncomfortable. We offer the best deal possible feel free to give Angelo a call! He’s always able to work with you and help you find what you need when it comes to your tuxedo‘s. Not only are our packages the most affordable but we also have no hidden charges. Last-minute orders are always handled super professional here to help you ease the stress. Other competitors will have various hidden charges depending on things like time of year or a rush fee. Who wants to have to sit there and spend $30-$50 extra when they’re stressed? NOT ME! And that’s why we don’t do that, we try to help as much as we can


Here at Rose Tuxedo, we have an amazing state of the art laundry and dry cleaning facility. Not only that but our cleaning system uses a non-toxic detergent that is not only safe for you but the environment. All of our garments are clean in biodegradable detergent that is nothing but environment-friendly. All of our inventory is also located in Arizona which helps eliminate shipping cost and also allows for last-minute changes with no stress!

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