Who said that heat and classy suits should not mix?

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The thing with the warm season is the fact that most people choose to have loads of celebrations when it is insanely hot outside. So instead of chilling by the pool with a glass of some ice cold drink in your hand (non – alcoholic, because otherwise you get dehydrated in an instant), you are forced to attend all of these formal events. Of course, you most probably feel the need to take off all your clothes and just lay somewhere on the floor, instead of having to mingle, be polite and smile to everyone.


However, there are a few tricks that you might want to try in order to survive these events and also make a great impression. The first thing you should know is that unless it is an incredibly formal event, you can probably leave the jacket to your suit at home. However, if the event is as formal as they can get, we suggest you take your jacket, wear it for about a half an hour or so and then just forget about it. Just make sure to have people take a lot of pictures of you at the beginning of the event and we guarantee that nobody will remember that you have turned your attire into a more casual one.

One other thing you might want to try at these events is loosen up your tie. This will definitely allow you to breathe better and it will also give you a more interesting look. Trust us, bridesmaids will absolutely throw themselves at you. There is something about guys with unbuttoned shirts that makes girls sigh. That being said, you might also want to pull up the sleeves of your shirt. You will get cool much faster and you will also receive some bonus “cool” point from everyone at the party.

Now that you have shed everything that could be shed from your attire, all you have to do is make sure you always have a cold drink in your hand. However, as we have mentioned before, you should make sure that those drinks are non – alcoholic, because alcohol and hot weather definitely do not mix. You might also want to find a table by the air conditioning and you are all set to have an amazing time in spite of the dreadfully hot weather.

Now that all these tricks are out of the way, you should definitely pay attention to our last one. If you want to have the best, most comfortable and cool suit or tuxedo at the party, then you should definitely come pay us a visit here, at Rose Tuxedo . We guarantee that we will be able to find you the best fitting, most stylish and amazing looking suit you could hope for.

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