We are welcoming the summer months in Arizona.

We all know what that means. More people tend to hold their events in the warm and sunny months of summer. Many of which would be summer weddings.

There’s going to be an unusual number of people in attendance, why hold back? So go get your suit ready for the wedding that’s sure to come this summer!

Summer beauty

Summer beauty

Rose Tuxedo has you covered with the finest pieces for your budget, you can decide to rent or buy your next suit, it depends on what you want and we’ll you like it we discuss more about it below). Rose Tuxedo can also help the

Bride and Groom

Let us help you match the groom’s tuxedo accents to the wedding color scheme! Cummerbunds, ties, pocket squares, and more; we have a huge collection of colors for even the pickiest bride’s theme! Our high-quality tuxedos will make your future husband look the best he ever has. He’ll look so great in a fitted suit rental you’ll beg him to buy it or start wearing at least a suit more often!

Bridal Party

Match your groomsmen to the bridesmaids or have one side of the party in one color from the theme and the other half of the party in another. You can even try a multi-colored approach! Choose a few different colors and pair off groomsmen and bridesmaids for a rainbow effect or any combination of colors in the color spectrum. The only limit is your imagination! Tuxes or suits, the groomsmen will look amazing without outshining the bride or groom. Try a classic look or something more modern!


Wearing a suit to a wedding is generally accepted. You can’t go wrong with a basic black-and-white ensemble for a wedding. Try a little pop of color for weddings in summer. Try a pink shirt, a baby-blue tie, a yell