Should I Buy or Rent a Tuxedo? The Logical Answer You Need

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As you prepare for your big day, you will make several decisions. One decision will be whether to rent a tuxedo or just buy one. Before you make that decision, you need to know the pros and cons of either of your options. It will be easier for you to decide with these in mind.

Should Buy or Rent a Tuxedo?


The first thing to consider is the cost of renting or buying a tux. Your budget will determine whether you should go for outright purchase or a tuxedo rental. Buying a tuxedo is more expensive. You can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars buying one. It is even more expensive when you are getting a customized tux. But it can be cost-effective if you plan to keep wearing it regularly. That way, you won’t be spending to use it subsequently.

Time to Order

However, that is not always the case. Most people only use their tuxedos once or twice in their lifetime. Renting is more cost-effective if you have no intention of wearing your tuxedo after the event. Besides renting the tuxedo, you would also get other accessories. These accessories include cufflinks, a shirt, tie, and shoes. They usually come as part of the rental package. 


If you want to maintain a unique look throughout the year and make a fashion statement with your tux, customized cufflinks, and other accessories, then buying one will be your best bet. However, if you want to continue looking classy and stay up-to-date with trendy styles and colors of tuxedos when you need one, you would be better off renting. 

This is because it’ not every day you get to wear a tux. However, when the opportunity arises, your tux might have gone out of style and is no longer fashionable. When renting a tux, you don’t have to stick with some out-of-style tux. rather, you could easily get a contemporary and more fitting tux by current designers.

Whenever the opportunity arises for you to dress up in a tuxedo and you want to look different and stylish, you can easily do so by renting a tux and you are ready to go.


Another factor to consider in making a choice between rental and purchase is fitting. If you are a standard-size man, you won’t have much difficulty with getting a tuxedo that fits. You also won’t need to alter it for any reason. Thus, you can simply rent one and use it for the purpose. However, if you don’t fit into the standard size, buying a tuxedo will be your best bet. This is because you could get a custom tuxedo tailored to your size.

Renting would also be a better option if your body shape keeps changing. So, rather than having to buy a new tuxedo to fit your new body, you can simply rent the right fit for your body. This is crucial because people shed or gain weight during the stress of planning a special event.

Four Reasons to Consider a Custom Tuxedo for Your Wedding!

A custom-made tuxedo would look better on you than a rented suit. A tux you rent might not fit so well as one specially made to fit your body. No matter how you alter a rented tux, it can’t look as good as a customized one.


You only wear tuxedos to special events when you need to dress up. It could be your own wedding or even when you have to show up for a close friend as a groomsman. For those few occasions where you need to feel extra special in your outfit, buying a tux makes you feel extra confident. 

The thought that you are wearing a new outfit specially made for you is a confidence booster. As you step into the room, you will know that no one else has rocked the tux you are wearing and that the material is still at its optimum best. The mere thought that what you are wearing got tailored for you can put that extra gait in your step.

Rented tuxedos also come looking very new and decent. You also need to examine it to be sure that the quality and fabrics meet your taste. However, you also know that you are not the first or only person who has used it.

Pick Colourful bow ties


If your calendar is full of formal events that would need you rocking the black-tie look all year long, then buying a tuxedo would be the best thing to do. It is simple arithmetic that if you need to wear the tuxedo over 3 times in a year, you can save yourself the extra cost of renting each time and just buy it.


Buying and waiting for the making of a tux takes time. It could take up to a month. If you have enough time on your hands, you can go for the option of buying. But if you’ve got your wedding in a few days and you need to get your outfit sorted out as soon as possible, then you would have to go with renting. So, you can just breeze into a tuxedo rental service, rent one and walk out with that all sorted out.

However, if you are buying a tuxedo, it becomes easier the next time you need to wear one. This is because you have already spent the time getting it. So, when the need arises in the future to use it, you can get ready for your event at the drop of a hat.


With these considerations in mind, the decision to buy or rent a tux for your dream wedding becomes pretty much easier depending on your preference. If you decide to rent a tuxedo, simply contact us. You would need to choose your style and get measured. With your measurement, we can get the right fit for you. Once you place your order, we take care of getting your tux to you and you will be ready in time for your event. For your tuxedo rental service in Arizona, reach out to us now.

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