Online Shopping vs. Big box stores

As the popularity of online shopping increases, big box stores are continuously declining to near-extinction. Countless articles and reports of empty shopping malls are listed by seemingly every news source. And there are endless predictions of big box store closures from all major news outlets, too. It seems that every quarter, there is another announcement of bankruptcy, store closures, or of massive layoffs.

But small businesses are here to stay

Fortunately, many small businesses are unlikely to be the victims of the same fate as big box stores. Service-oriented small businesses are particularly difficult to find online. Therefore, are very unlikely to suffer much economic fallout from the closures of big box stores. If anything, the closure of so many big box stores has been better for small businesses. At Rose Tuxedo in Phoenix AZ, we keep our overhead low and we are family-owned, so we can keep our expenses down.


Why are we successful?

One reason for service-oriented business success during the downfall of big box stores is that they offer the best kinds of service in the most convenient way. These are the small mom-and-pop shops you’ve come to love over the years and with tailored, one-of-a-kind amenities that you are simply not likely to find elsewhere. Of course, there are some services that are irreplaceable. You certainly wouldn’t be able to have your lawn landscaped or your hair cut by any online retailer without local support. Rose Tuxedo has professional Tailors at each location to make an alteration on the spot with your designer tuxedo rental.