Steal the Style: How to Recreate Celebrity Tuxedo Look 

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Do you know that you can steal the spotlight at your next event by recreating a celebrity tuxedo look? If you want to dress to impress, you don’t necessarily need a lot of fancy clothing; Whether you’re attending a prom, wedding, themed party, or any special occasion, like a wedding party, appearing in a celebrity tuxedo look can get heads turning at any special events.

If you want to style James Bond’s timeless tuxedo elegance or embrace the avant-garde flair of Hollywood’s trendsetters, we’ve got you covered. Join us in this article as we show you some secret tips and tricks to master the art of stealing the spotlight at your next event.

Let’s dive in!

Key Highlights

  • If you want to recreate a celebrity tuxedo look, you need to consider some factors like the style of the tuxedo jacket and trousers, the color of the shirt you want to wear, good grooming, and the accessories you need to look your absolute best.
  • When you are recreating a celebrity tuxedo look, you also need to conduct some research on different celebrity tuxedo styles before choosing one that appeals to you. Then try to recreate it as much as possible. 
  • You can also decide to stand out from the crowd and experiment with different tuxedo colors and styles to give your outfit a personal touch. However, you need to make sure that your tuxedo is well-fitted.

Some Elements of a Celebrity Tuxedo Look

Recreating a celebrity tuxedo look is not all about wearing an expensive attire, you need to pay attention to details in order to make a statement with your overall outfit. Here are some things you should consider:

  • Tuxedo jacket: This varies in different styles, colors, and patterns. You can decide to wear a black single-breasted jacket, a double-breasted tuxedo jacket, or even a tailcoat with a satin or grosgrain lapel for a classic look. On the other hand, you can decide to look unique by wearing a jacket of a different color or style, however, make sure that it’s well-fitted and compliments your overall attire.
  • A shirt: If the event you want to attend requires a classic look, then a white shirt is what you need, else you can decide to give your attire a unique twist by wearing a black, navy, or even patterned shirt. However, whichever color of shirt you choose, the goal is to make sure that your shirt is tailored just for you.
  • Tie or bow tie: A celebrity tuxedo outfit isn’t complete without a necktie. If you want to add a formal touch to your attire a black bow tie is what you need. On the other hand, if you wish to personalize your outfit, you can rock your tuxedo with ties of different colors, textures, or patterns. The idea is to ensure that you select a neckwear that makes you feel comfortable and enhances the overall look of your tuxedo outfit.
  • Grooming: Here’s the truth: wearing a well-fitted tuxedo without good grooming is like serving a gourmet meal on a paper plate. Don’t ruin your celebrity tuxedo outfit by looking unkempt. You need to pay attention to details when it comes to your hairstyle, skincare, grooming your facial hair and making sure your nails are clean and properly trimmed.
  • Your confidence: This should be the most important element of all. To be honest, your confidence is what makes your celebrity tuxedo outfit stand out at any event. So, when next you walk on the red carpet, stand tall while carrying yourself with poise and assurance as your tuxedo keeps the crowd in awe. 

What you Need to do When Recreating a Celebrity Tuxedo Look 

Have you seen a video or been to an event where a popular celebrity styled a tuxedo in a way that got the attention of everyone at the event? You can recreate the same celebrity tuxedo look too, it isn’t an uphill task if you know what to do. All you need are some simple steps to help you achieve this and we’ve laid them out for you here.

1. Research on popular celebrity look 

Don’t worry we aren’t telling you to stalk celebrities online or do some CIA and spy stuff, all you need is to do a little research on different tuxedos styled by celebrities to get some inspiration before making a choice. Here are some platforms you can research on to get the insight you need for your tuxedo: 

  • Red carpet events: The internet is your friend, feel free to use it. If you browse through award shows, film premieres, galas, and other formal events, you’ll notice different tuxedo styles, colors, and accessories worn by celebrities. Then take pictures of any style you admire and would like to recreate.
  • Check out fashion magazines and websites: You can choose to get more celebrity tuxedo options through fashion magazines or popular tuxedo rental websites like RoseTuxedo. Take your time to go through the articles and galleries, you’ll see some trendy tuxedo styles worn by celebrities. This gives you a wide range of options to choose from when recreating a tuxedo style.
  • Check social media platforms: Celebrities love to showcase their fashion sense on their social media platforms or on popular fashion blogs especially when they attend formal events. All you need to do is follow these trendy fashion bloggers or celebrities on the social media handle to get some inspiration when recreating a celebrity tuxedo.
  • Create a mood board: Do you know that you can create a mood board by collecting images of celebrity tuxedo looks that appeal to you? You can decide to use a physical board or a digital collage using apps or websites and then organize the images based on different elements such as color, style, and accessories. This can go a long way in helping you get the information you need to look your absolute best at the event.
  • Consult with a stylist: If you don’t know where to start or perhaps you want personalized guidance, all you need to do is consult a professional stylist. They will not only help you identify celebrity tuxedo looks that align with your taste and body type, but they can also provide you with valuable advice to help you in styling and accessorizing your tuxedo outfit.

2. Select a similar tuxedo

After you’ve carefully selected the celebrity’s tuxedo outfit you want to recreate, the next thing you need to do is to find a reputable tuxedo rental company that can rent a tuxedo that closely resembles the one you chose. If the celebrity wore a unique style or silhouette, for example, a double-breasted tuxedo or a velvet jacket, you should consider opting for a similar option. Also, you must pay attention to some details such as the lapel style, fabric texture, and overall fit. The goal is to try as much as possible to match the color, material, and style of the tuxedo as closely as you can.

3. Choose matching accessories 

Another important detail you need to consider when recreating a celebrity tuxedo is the type of accessories they wore with their tuxedo. You may want to choose similar cufflinks, bow ties, pocket squares, and dress shoes that match the style and color scheme of your celebrity tuxedo outfit. However, if you don’t have the same accessories you can add a personal touch to your attire by wearing a stylish watch, a boutonniere, or a statement piece of jewelry to elevate your look. Whatever accessory you opt for, make sure it compliments your outfit. 

4. Wear a well-fitted tuxedo

wearing a well-fitted tuxedo

The glory of a celebrity tuxedo outfit is found in its fitting. No matter the material and style you choose for your tuxedo, if it doesn’t fit properly, it can ruin your overall appearance. So, make sure your tuxedo is tailored just for you with no excess fabric or sagging as a well-fitted tuxedo can greatly enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence as you step into the event venue without any hassle.

5. Experiment with different colors and patterns

There is a tendency that other guests at the event would go for a classic black tie tuxedo. Well, you don’t have to join the crowd especially if you want to make a statement with your attire like a celebrity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors such as navy, charcoal, or even burgundy. You can also decide to go for subtle patterns such as pinstripes or herringbone for a modern twist on a classic look. It gets more interesting if the celebrity you admire has worn a non-traditional tuxedo color or pattern for their vows, making it a unique and personal choice.

6. Layer with style

Ultimately, the key to recreating a celebrity tuxedo look is to stay true to yourself while staying comfortable in your attire. So, if the weather is cold, you might want to consider layering your tuxedo with a tailored overcoat or a stylish scarf. Here’s something you should know: layering adds depth to your outfit and allows you to showcase your style while staying warm and comfortable.

7. Final touches

Now that your celebrity tuxedo outfit is ready, the final step you need to take before stepping out is to look in the mirror to ensure that everything is in place. Make sure you adjust your attire and any accessories that don’t fit properly. One more thing, ensure your tuxedo is wrinkle-free and impeccably styled; you wouldn’t want to look like a disheveled mess at the event.

Advice From a Tuxedo Expert

If you can’t find the exact match of the celebrity tuxedo look you want to recreate, there’s no need to worry. You can still take the spotlight at your next event by personalizing your tuxedo outfit. To achieve this, you’ll need to hire the services of a reputable tuxedo rental company. They have the experience and skills to give you a well-fitted tuxedo that will boost your confidence and make you feel like a celebrity.

At Rose Tuxedo, we pride ourselves in giving our clients quality tuxedos that are tailored just for them. Whether it’s a celebrity tuxedo look you want to recreate or you require a unique style and pattern of menswear, specifically a tuxedo, within Arizona, we’ve got you covered. Our services, including our exceptional customer service, are fast and pocket-friendly. Reach out to us in our Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, or Peoria store and let’s help you feel confident in your tuxedo like a celebrity.

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